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Croatia offers easy access to European markets

The European nation proposes opportunities for investment in a variety of sectors ranging from tech to agriculture to clean energy production. Highlights: Easy access to European and world markets. Modern transport and infrastructure. Reliable investment and business environment. Highly educated, multilingual and competent workforce. Through history, Croats have created some of the most important inventions used in everyday lives such as the pen, the tie, the electrical current, the parachute and the fingertip classification system. Many great inventors like Nikola Tesla, Ivan Vučetić, Faust Vrančić and Slavoljub Penkala were [...]

Jersey and India can build strong digital ties

A dynamic financial landscape, strong professional pool and an affinity for digital innovation make Jersey an attractive investment destination, says the region’s External Relations Minister. For over 800 years, Jersey [...]

Sweden invites Indian investments

Being one of the most competitive economies in the world, the Scandinavian nation, offers Indian firms access to an innovation ecosystem unlike no other. Sweden is one of the world’s [...]

The positives of Indian-Thai investments

The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) summarises the advantages Indian companies can avail by investing in Thailand while highlighting some of the government’s initiatives for foreign companies. For decades, Thailand [...]

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