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Sikhs in the NHS – Challenges and successes

2020-05-20T05:28:23+00:00May 19th, 2020|iCommunity, iGLOBAL|

I love the NHS – who doesn’t? It is the envy of the world. For an annual cost of £140 billion (9 per cent of GDP), the public are guaranteed a free comprehensive healthcare system. It is an undoubted success story. As the largest employer in the UK, with about 1.5 million employees, 19.7 per cent are from a black and minority ethnic background. London has the highest proportion of ethnic minority National Health Service (NHS) staff at 43 per [...]

On the Covid-19 front: Gown on, Mask on, Gloves on

2020-05-20T06:05:37+00:00May 18th, 2020|iCommunity, iGLOBAL|

‘Creativity in Crisis’ is an anthology of short stories capturing the authentic experiences of 26 British Indian key workers, parents and educators. Here is the first in a series from the frontlines of a hospital ward dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Ready for battle, I begin my ward round. My heart sinks. Another fatality. I call her name. No response. I shake her shoulders. No response. My instinct is to put out a cardiac arrest call, but I cannot. The [...]

‘Bhagvad Gita’, a modern-day guide to success

2020-05-19T12:47:39+00:00May 18th, 2020|iGLOBAL, iWellness|

Spirituality can guide us through the process of being self-aware and, crucially, it can also help us become great leaders. When you connect with your unconsciousness, it creates space for better focus, decision making, and understanding. It is no surprise then, that spirituality is a practice that entrepreneurs and professionals credit as their gateway to success. Meditating and principles of the ‘Bhagavad Gita’ are the tools that Dhanny Joshi, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Big Deal Films, attributes to his [...]

Why Indians must improve diet to counter Covid-19 risk?

2020-05-19T12:48:49+00:00May 18th, 2020|iGLOBAL, iWellness|

Dr Aseem Malhotra, on the National Health Service (NHS) frontline in the fightback against the novel coronavirus, is on a mission: to raise awareness around the link between poor dietary habits and an increased risk of death from the deadly virus, especially within Britain’s Indian community. The cardiologist and Professor of Evidence Based Medicine fears the now well-established disparity in death rates from the deadly virus among the UK’s ethnic minority population is cultural or lifestyle related. He explains: “South Asians have [...]

Preservation and Perspective

2020-05-19T12:47:51+00:00May 18th, 2020|iGLOBAL, iWellness|

The Founder of “Smoke and Lime” Supperclub, chef Sohini Banerjee, always delivers food that is big on flavour, using traditional Bengali cooking practises to fuse cuisines, without the seams. In the first of a series of lockdown food stories, Sohini reminisces about warm Kolkata afternoons watching her grandfather take meticulous care whilst preparing his classic Mustard Carrot Aachar. *Recipe included If I close my eyes, I am there: the roof terrace of my house in Kolkata, where the concrete below [...]

Dr Miss England on a housing mission

2020-05-19T12:51:17+00:00May 18th, 2020|iGLOBAL, News & Views|

Bhasha Mukherjee is a woman of many facets – a beauty queen, a health campaigner, a charity worker and a doctor. She recently put her pageant life on hold to return to the National Health Service (NHS) frontlines as a doctor at a hospital in eastern England and is petitioning the UK government to address exorbitant staff accommodation rates for medics fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Dr Bhasha Mukherjee, who competed in Miss World 2019 as Miss England last year, was in India [...]

The Diaspora Effect can be felt in every walk of UK life

2020-05-19T12:50:41+00:00May 18th, 2020|iGLOBAL, News & Views|

When Ruchi Ghanashyam arrived in London as the High Commissioner of India to the UK in November 2018, Britain was in the grips of Brexit paralysis. And, as she retires from her post after a power-packed 17 months in May 2020, the world is in the eye of the Covid-19 storm. “My tenure in the UK has been so eventful that maybe that in itself could make up a large chunk of any memoir I might consider once I have [...]

Review: Yeh Ballet

2020-05-19T12:42:12+00:00May 18th, 2020|iEntertainment, iGLOBAL|

Actors: Julian Sands, Manish Chauhan, Achintya Bose Director: Sooni Taraporevala With the world in lockdown, films have also taken on a more virtual avatar and replaced the pretty routine activity of heading to the cinema to grab a bag of popcorn and settle down to watch the latest release. ‘Yeh Ballet’ comes to us in just such a setting with its release on Netflix, one of the streaming services that has witnessed a boom in recent months. This film, however, [...]

I want to bring life to stories with a diverse cast: Emily Shah

2020-05-19T12:40:59+00:00May 18th, 2020|iEntertainment, iGLOBAL|

Emily Shah is a Global Indian actor based in Los Angeles, who wears the dual hat of producer in an upcoming rugby biopic ‘Jungle Cry’. The Gujarati-origin actor plays Roshni Thakkar in the film based on the real-life story of a group of tribal boys from the eastern Indian state of Orissa who go on to win the Under-14 Rugby World Cup in England 13 years ago. Shah talks iGlobal through the journey of the film, which is set for [...]

Exercise is my religion: Skipping Sikh on getting a locked-down nation active

2020-05-19T12:50:06+00:00May 18th, 2020|iGLOBAL, News & Views|

While “PE with Joe” is working on getting the nation up and out of bed every morning in the Covid-19 lockdown, there’s another community hero that is spreading a strong message of hope through fitness – 73-year-old Rajinder Singh, the Skipping Sikh, has taken social media by storm with his online fitness videos raising money for the coronavirus appeal. He has raised nearly £12,000 for NHS Charities Together, with a message of “health is wealth”. A humble man with a [...]