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Session highlights:

India’s growth story is built on political and macroeconomic stability. When global FDI was declining by 7 per cent, India’s FDI went up by 18 per cent in the past 12 months.

The impact of Covid-19 which has led to major changes such as the need to diversify supply chains, changes in the geopolitical landscape and the slower growth potential of the world have all further boosted India’s position as an attractive destination for investment in the world.

India offers the best combination of quality and quantity of manpower in IT services, it is one of the top greenfield investment destinations in the world, the largest nation in the world with the youngest demographic, offering a 1.5bn market by 2027- all of this gives the international investment community a lot of confidence.

Deepak Bagla, Managing Director & CEO, Invest India
Manohar Khiatani, Senior Executive Director, Capitaland Ltd
Sat Pal Khattar, Chairman/Director, Khattar Holdings Private Ltd
Neeraj Seth, MD, Head of Asian Credit, BlackRock

Session highlights:

The India-Singapore relationship rests on three pillars: people to people, business to business and government to government.

There is a great opportunity for Singapore and India to leverage each other’s strengths and take the relationship to another level by leveraging sectors such as Fintech.

Singapore offers businesses trust, transparency, frictionless entry and a welcoming environment to employees.

Deepak Bagla, Managing Director & CEO, Invest India
Girish Ramachandran, President – Asia Pacific, Tata Consultancy Services Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Chng Kai Fong, Managing Director, Economic Development Board
Preeti Dawra – Founder and CEO at Asian Century Communications

There is a vast scope for collaboration and cooperation between Indian and Singaporean companies especially with Make in India and using Singapore’s global network to establish global platforms and partnerships to market these.

Post-Covid global partnerships will rest on value to customers, investing in employees, dealing fairly with supplies, supporting communities and providing long-term value.

Covid has created a new intensity in cross-border partnerships, with software & humanware being completely transformed. Collaboration and joint ventures between Indian and Singaporean companies can help resources that move freely between markets.

Atul Temurnikar – co-founder & Chairman of Global Schools Foundation, Singapore
Girish Ramachandran – President – Asia Pacific, Tata Consultancy Services
Wong Heang Fine – Group CEO at Surbana Jurong Private Limited
Satya Ramamurthy – Partner at KPMG

Session highlights:

As emerging markets grow, the need of the hour is bespoke solutions; being aware of what people want; and using technology to analyse data to provide customised solutions.

In the US, a survey showed one-third of people did not have $400 to deal with an emergency. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted that financial inclusion is not enough. There is now an urgent need for financial well-being.

As vast populations experience furloughs and financial distress, the demand for credit and micro-insurance will become critical.

Financial systems also need to reimagine employment generation and create a socio-economic system that provides security for people.


Babita Ambekar -Partner, Head of India Practice, DWF
Piyush Gupta – CEO of DBS Group
Anju Patwardhan – Managing Director of CreditEase FinTech VC Fund
Neil Parekh – Head of Asia, Australia, and New Zealand of Tikehau Capital

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