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Session highlights:
India to be third largest destination in Asia for Australia outward investment. Government of India highlights importance of 700,000 Indians in Australia.

India can compete with the best in the world in certain industries – IT and pharma. Look at space. Ranked with the best. Nuclear power sector. We can export competitive reactors. Agriculture. We have all the climates. We can grow anything.

Trust will elevate trading relationship. Desire to be respectful of each other’s needs. Engagement has been continuing in various platforms. Won’t allow pandemic to come in our way of doing business together. Australia will do serious evaluation of business options in India.

Diaspora numbers are growing. Diaspora is special. India’s achievements reflect in the quality of our people. We are the world’s most competitive society. Indian diaspora is highly skilled and capable. We integrate well. You just have to be good. No questions asked.

A.Gitesh Sarma, High Commission of India, Canberra
Natasha Jha Bhaskar, GM, Newland Global Group

The Australia-India relationship is at an elevated level, driven by strategic alignment in the Indo-Pacific and people to people connections.

Beijing’s flexing of muscles in Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, the South China Sea and even India have brought

Australia and India closer together. Australian PM Morrison and Indian PM Modi have both taken a strong stand against China’s aggression.

The two countries should really understand each other and get a three-dimensional view of each other – without this India and Australia will not achieve the strategic potential of ties.

Mobilising the diaspora community, the scientific community and other groups will be key to building the relationship.

Rory Medcalf, Professor & Head of the National Security College, Australian National University
Melissa Conley Tyler, Research Fellow, Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne
Amb. Navdeep Suri, Distinguished Fellow, Observer Research Foundation
Harinder Sidhu, Deputy Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Session highlights:
Manufacturing in the current scenario has pivoted. Small businesses have adopted new technologies. Business have adopted new tech, upskilled.

India needs to work on factor cost and compliance cost in order to build a world-class globally competitive industry.

India plays a major role in pharma generics and other parts of the industry. Covid crisis shows India need a robust supply chain, flexibility, and scale.

Dr Christiane Hamacher, CEO, Biocon Biologics
Dr Arindam Bhattacharya, Managing Director and Senior Partner, BCG New Delhi
Michael Sharpe, National Director – Industry, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre
Natasha Jha Bhaskar, General Manager, Newland Global Group

Session highlights:

The first of its kind report by the Indian government – Australia Economic Strategy- on how to increase trade and economic relations in response to Australia’s India Economic Strategy 2035 will go a long way in furthering bilateral relations.

Scale, complementarity & diversifying market risks are the three factors driving Australia’s engagement with India.

India has a profusion of talent, its consumer market is of a mind-boggling scale, and any story about India cannot be complete without mentioning its innovation talent, all of which make it a valuable investment destination.

The awareness between India and Australia is growing very steadily and Indian companies are now viewing Australia as a valuable alternate market.

Dipen Rughani, CEO, Newland Global Group
Rama Bijapurkar, Independent Management Consultant & Professor of Practice, IIM Ahmedabad
Amb Anil Wadhwa, Former Secretary, MEA East (India), Government of India
Peter Varghese, Chancellor, Retired diplomat, University of Queensland

Sports can be a diplomatic asset between Australia and India. India generates 85 per cent revenue in international cricket. Australia has underperformed in its role with India with sports as a business.

More room needs to be made for cricket exchange programmes between the two countries. There is a need to build from grass roots level to make sports grow stronger. This will help in understanding of one’ another’s culture.

Australia is a benchmark for the world in many aspects of the sports industry. In India, apart from cricket, all other sports are disorganised. India has a lot to learn from Australia in that respect.

Speakers: Dipen Rughani, CEO, Newland Global Group
Ravi Krishnan, Chairman & Co-Founder, Stepathlon Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.
Dr G K Harinath, Chairman, Multicultural NSW
Mustafa Ghouse, CEO, JSW Sports
Steve Waugh, Former Cricketer, Australia

Session highlights:
India’s rise as a tech and manufacturing hub means that businesses across the country will be keen to lock in the supply of critical minerals.
India and Australia should work together based on their strengths – mining for Australia and manufacturing for India – the two can create value for each other.
As consumers make the transition to EVs, Indian manufacturers are being laboured with expensive battery costs, Australia can help India address these problems.

Dr Vanessa Guthrie, Non-Executive Director, Australia – India Council
Rajesh Chadha, Program Director – Natural Resources, Brookings Institution India Centre
John Madew, Head of Mining & Resources, Australian Trade & Investment Commission
Joe Kaderavek , CEO, CobaltBlue

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