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The Diaspora Dividend

Session highlights:

When the Covid pandemic surfaced, there wasn’t a single PPE kit or N95 mask maker; I’m happy to inform you that now the state has capacity to even serve the export market.

We’re building a greenfield airport in Jewar; 100,000 people will get employment and it will facilitate economic development.

The defence corridor that is under implementation will create huge opportunities for investors and also generate jobs for our youth.

Siddharth Zarabi, Senior Journalist and TV Anchor

There was a real outpouring and step-up in the diaspora in supporting their local communities.

The pandemic has shown every tear in the social fabric of the US; the Indian community, having done very well for themselves, have an obligation to give back — digital skills & healthcare being some areas of strength.

At the reforms level, livelihoods have come into clear focus across the states of India looking beyond Covid-19 & get industries going & revive agriculture.

– Vidya Shah CEO, EdelGive Foundation
– MR Rangaswami Founder & Chairman, Indiaspora
– Hitan Mehta Executive Director, British Asian Trust
– Narendra Mulani Partner, Chicago Pacific Partners

Session highlights:

The coronavirus crisis is different, it has opened several opportunities for innovation for VC’s. The industry has a key role to play in global economic recovery.

The acceleration of digital technology in India has been astounding, opening up a whole new avenue o opportunities for domestic and foreign players.

A lot of tech innovations are happening in Silicon Valley and India is the epicentre for the consumer market in terms of raw growth.

Bala Kamallakharan, Investor, Startup Coach & Entrepreneur, Iceland Venture Studio
Venky Harinarayan, Founding Partner,
Deep Nishar, Senior Managing Partner, Americas, SoftBank Vision Fund
Vani Kola, Managing Director, Kalaari Capital

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