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The Big Story 

All that glitters…is silver

Forecasters are opining that in the precious metals’ market space silver could turn out to be the long-term favourite given its greater industrial value and it also acts a hedge against over deployment in gold.

Domestic gaming companies must cash in on China ban

Forget the geo-political calculations that may have gone into the Modi government’s decision to ban 224 Chinese apps. The decision offers Indian app developers and mobile gaming companies an almost open field to develop world-beating apps and games that will help the country establish self-reliance in technology.

India and Central Europe could be poised to rediscover their old business partnership

The 21st century has opened a new chapter of intensive political and business interaction between India and Central Europe, but the level of commerce and investment is still at a slow path. The need of the hour is a new formula of cooperation with involvement of Prime Ministers accompanied with well-structured and market-tailored support of small and medium companies at the national and local level.

US and India forge a partnership to navigate new challenges

As the international community grapples with a turbulent global landscape, New Delhi and Washington have successfully overcome the “hesitations of history” to forge a close alliance in dealing with new geopolitical realities – from China to Afghanistan and beyond.

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