Sadhguru’s #BeTheRevival message: With clarity there is no anxiety

///Sadhguru’s #BeTheRevival message: With clarity there is no anxiety

Sadhguru’s #BeTheRevival message: With clarity there is no anxiety

by Saloni Shah
Sadhguru’s #BeTheRevival message With clarity there is no anxiety

‘The Big Bang Theory’ made Global Indian actor Kunal Nayyar a big Hollywood star, with his adorable character of “Raj” striking a chord the world over. Recently, he took on a whole different kind of role for India Global Week 2020, when he led an enlightening conversation with world-renowned Spiritual Leader Sadhguru on the topic of “Conscious Planet: The Way Forward”, capturing the broad theme of #BeTheRevival.

Nayyar, tuning in from Los Angeles, began by recounting his first meeting with Sadhguru on a golf course before the spiritual leader went on to become a “torch” in his life in some dark times.
Here are some key Sadhguru nuggets from the rare in-depth discussion on consciousness and mindfulness, in the coronavirus lockdown and beyond.

• With clarity there is no anxiety; consciousness means the dimension untouched by memory.
• Memory is a wall we create; consciousness can be realised but never understood.
• What I know is minuscule in this existence, what you do not know is boundless; so, we are always inspired by ignorance.
• We are trapped by the Internet but we are making good use of it today.
• Knowledge and intellect is useful as a survival tool.
• 30 per cent of people are obese on the planet because they are trying to stretch their physical boundaries; we must realise the limits of our physiological and psychological dimensions.
• We have to take care of the body consciously and also the planet, because our body is also a part of this planet; the health of the planet is directly related to our own health.
• On #Covid-19 lockdown: Existentially our life is not different even from the virus; our individual experience is a magnanimity of creation; why is this virus working against me is the big question.
• There can be no limitless consciousness with limited knowledge.
• Our existence is threatened not just by this virus but is always the case; confidence without clarity is a disastrous process.
• India is a culture of seekers; a more unprejudiced look at history will take a whole lot of threads back to India.
• Our economic engine has been roaring but who has the steering wheel, Sadhguru asks humanity to reconsider its pace of living.
• The most significant dimension to come from India is if you are willing to strive, you can evolve beyond the natural limitations of life.
• Your life is your Karma — so your life is entirely of your making.
• Intellect is everything illogical taken out from within you.
• The planet is not in peril, human experience is.
• We must exercise our capability to create over the capability to destroy: Sadhguru calling on humans to plant more trees.

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