Global Indian Wealth under the scanner

by Manoj Ladwa
The phrase ‘global economic crisis’ sounds so clichéd nowadays. But its very real effects and consequences continue to be felt today. Perhaps the most important impact (and in my view, rightly so) has been the tightening up of lax regulations that govern how financial decisions are made and funds flow – both in domestic markets and globally. But the question now is, for instance in the UK, are we going a step too far? The sustained targeting of Non-Doms is one such example. Similarly, in India the debate on whether the state should levy death taxes continues and annually when the Indian Finance Minister stands to deliver the Union Budget the question of “will-he or won’t he” is always on the minds of accounts, economists and wealth managers. The combined effect of the UK’s hardening position on the Non-Domicile criteria and India’s necessary quest to increase the tax net, both via more regulation and aggressive enforcement, means that members of the Indian diaspora with assets in both the UK and India face a real conundrum. And this is not just a dilemma for the ultra- rich. Many, if not most, UK Indians who would not otherwise be considered as high net worth
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