Does the new draft of the ‘Data Centre Policy’ set the scene to bolster the sector’s growth?

Data Centres are an important emerging sector for India’s growth. Investments in the sector have grown exponentially in the recent years. International players like Japan’s NTT, Amazon, domestic players like Bharti Airtel and Adani have all come into the fray. With the new policy paper titled “Data Centre Policy” has the Government set the scene to create a strong platform of this sector’s growth?

With such a large domestic market at their disposal, does it make sense for an Indian company to expand globally?

Armed with global ambitions, innovative products with international quality and remote access to most services around the world, Indian companies could be well poised for global domination. Some of the reason they should consider this leap are revenue diversification, enhanced brand value and access to international investors, among others.

Made locally, disrupting globally

FDI into India has been growing consistently over the years and has been covered extensively by trade agencies and media houses. But what about the investments that Indian companies make abroad? These international ambitions could be an important part of the India growth story. Some introductory data is shared in this article on this topic.

Will cash return to India’s mutual funds soon?

Mutual funds in India recently have struggled with high profile calamities like Franklin Templeton. The current economic crisis is certainly not helping. Will the Indian mutual fund industry see a comeback from this?

Data in India takes its place on stage – front and centre

With the accelerated digitalisation in India thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, the future of data centres in India, which houses 10 per cent of the world’s internet users but only 1.8 per cent of global data infrastructure, seems bright.

The Devil is in the data

The issues involving non-personal data throws up interesting questions. Which also shapes the topic for an interesting debate – who does data actually belong to? The jury is out there.

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