Tata’s global bet

by Manoj
The Tata Group is India’s most successful global firm but its geographical spread may not always be a good thing. The Tata Group is a much respected, admired and valued conglomerate in India and one that is also highly successful. Very often the two do not go hand in hand. It is also perceived as a very ethical corporate group, having played a significant role in nation building since its inception in 1868 – creating country’s first steel plant, power station, luxury hotel, domestic airline and information and technology company. In recent times, it has also become increasingly global in nature. The group that has over 100 operating companies under its wing today operates in more than 100 countries spread across 6 continents. In fiscal 2016, international revenues amounted to $69.6 billion — 67.3 per cent of overall group revenues. The intent and ambition to become a global household name dates back to 1962 when Tata Exports, which is now Tata International, was set up. But the company truly became global with a series of relentless acquisitions largely under Ratan Tata’s two-decade stewardship between
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