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India’s Youth Will Be Biggest Factor In UK-India Relations

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Discounting foreign students from migrant calculations will greatly benefit the British economy. India is a country of over 1.3 billion people, over half of whom are aged 25 and under. The UK-India partnership must benefit the youth of India if it is going to reach its full potential. To achieve this, the UK’s higher education sector must play a leading role in building that bond between the UK and India and any prospective trade deal must include concessions on the [...]

India and UK are both at inflection points

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Among the best global partners, India and UK will find during this transformational phase are each other. TheIndia-United Kingdom relationship is so old, so multi-faceted and so rich in its cultural, economic and people-to-people dimensions that it would appear that politicians and governments almost don’t matter. Actually, it is upon governments in both countries, and upon us MPs – my British and Indian colleagues and me, in my capacity as co-chair of the India-UK Parliamentary Forum – to build on [...]

Working together to ensure Manchester-India relations really take off

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The Chair of the Manchester India Partnership explains the benefits of connectivity this new tie-up would bring India and the UK. It is a great honour to have been named chairman of the Manchester India Partnership and to have launched the organisation, both in the UK and during a visit to Delhi and Mumbai this month. One of my primary objectives for the months ahead as CEO of Manchester Airport is to secure direct flight services to India and, as [...]

Fortune Seekers: Does India have some answers for Brexit Britain?

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Businesses, the diaspora and policy powerhouses will all need to work in tandem to build lasting UK-India ties, writes India Inc. Founder & CEO Manoj Ladwa. This year, there is an important chance to reassess the strength of India’s bond with the UK and show the world that India is a bridge-building nation. It is just over a year until the UK reaches its Article 50 deadline and leaves the European Union (EU). UK economic growth is beating all forecasts [...]