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Not a simple Left or Right question any more for British Indian voters

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The UK General Election on December 12 will determine the course of the country’s history in many ways, not least in the context of its relationship with Europe and the wider world. One group that holds many of the cards, voters with their roots in the Indian sub-continent, can no longer be expected to vote predictably – either for Labour or Conservatives. Highlights: The first ever survey of British Indian Voter intentions ahead of the December General Elections confirmed some traditionally held notions but also helped bust many myths. Nearly 47 per cent British Indians in [...]

Resilience is the Indian financial service sector’s biggest strength

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Kalpana Morparia is Chairman - South and Southeast Asia at J.P. Morgan. In this interview, the banking veteran discusses the recent reforms in the Indian banking sector and her message for female CEOs in the making.

Unlocking potential: The future of the UK-India automotive trade relationship

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Collaboration will be more important than ever, says a motor industry expert as he stresses on the importance of India as a partner for the UK automotive industry. Highlights: Presently, UK-India automotive trade is worth approx. £270 million. Over the past decade, the total number of UK-built cars exported to India has increased twelvefold, despite high import duties. Collaboration with partners abroad to exchange skills and expertise to accelerate digitalisation offers greater opportunities both for India and the UK. India [...]

Lithuania – an EU location primed for further investment from India

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Lithuania’s talent, ecosystem and investor-friendly policies make it an ideal choice for Indian investors from all sectors. Highlights: Lithuania has an international reputation for excellence in fields such as industry 4.0 manufacturing and Life Sciences. Lithuania’s GBS sector has had a major Indian presence in the form of HCL Technologies. Lithuania has a strong pool of talent skilled in financial services, and especially in financial technologies. Strong government support is a factor that is mentioned time and again by investors [...]