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What’s up with WhatsApp in India?

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The recent WhatsApp controversy and the Indian government’s reaction highlights that India aspires to be a rule maker not a rule taker in this new high-stakes game, writes India Inc. Founder and CEO Manoj Ladwa. Highlights: The hacking of WhatsApp via the Pegasus software has raised concerns on data security. There is an overwhelming need to handle data responsibly. India has been at the forefront of the global campaign to create a responsible environment for data security and storage. As [...]

Smart cities in India have attracted the world’s leading tech providers

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Hardeep Singh Puri is a dynamic force in the Indian Cabinet, in charge of the Ministry for Housing and Urban Affairs and Civil Aviation, as well as a Minister of State in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

How corporate India can solve the skilling puzzle

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The head of IBM’s advisory board shares her insights on how companies can recruit candidates with the right skillsets and equip their existing workforce to be future-ready. A strange paradox grips the job market in India: there are thousands of open jobs across different industries but no matching skill sets, even as millions of graduates are unable to find employment. Incredulous as it sounds, it is the harsh reality. The reason for this poignant situation is – skills or rather [...]

Diversifying to thrive: Unlocking the full potential of FinTech

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Organisations need to move quickly and set high standards for diversity to enable Indian FinTech to grow, notes an industry expert. The global FinTech ecosystem is going from strength to strength. According to statistics from the KPMG ‘Pulse of FinTech’ report, investment crossed $100 billion globally in 2018. From London to New York, Mumbai to Singapore and Australia, new companies are emerging every day to provide innovative, disruptive tech solutions in the finance sector. During this period of global political [...]

India-UK cyber security cooperation: The way forward

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A strategic expert points out areas that the UK and India can focus on to improve cyber security cooperation. Highlights: Cyber issues constitute an important aspect of the India-UK security relationship. Non-state entities based in Russia, China and the US are the main sources of cyberattacks against India due to their domination in areas including the smartphone market and fibre optic routes. UK and India need to engage more deeply on countering online radicalisation, extremism and terrorism. It is [...]

Automation is the future of work

2020-03-24T06:25:48+00:00November 15th, 2019|2019, North America Edition – 15 November 2019, UK Edition – 15 November 2019|

Raghunath Subramanian is President and CEO of UiPath India. In this interview, he talks us through the company’s Automation First mindset, the growing popularity of robotics and how it impacts the future workforce. Is India ready for, and indeed open to, a robotics/automation revolution? The world is moving towards Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and so is the Indian market. In fact, we would go a step further and say that the Indian market is growing at a faster pace than [...]

Rise of India’s tech unicorns

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It is becoming increasingly easy to launch a unicorn in India than in another country, concludes an industry expert. Highlights: India is placed third in the global unicorn list with 21 of the world’s 494 unicorns. The Indian start-up ecosystem continues to be the third largest in the world, with eight new additions to its unicorn club. Indian unicorns are expected to double the jobs they currently create by 2025. There are few areas where the Indian start-up ecosystem has [...]