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India’s measured move on RCEP an opportunity for Australia

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The head of a corporate advisory firm specialising in Australia–India relations analyses the many reasons why India pulled out of RCEP, and how this provides sufficient elbow room to  partner countries like Australia to resolve their issues bilaterally with India. Highlights: The removal of tariffs from over 90 goods would have increased the deficit to a much higher level impacting the Indian economy. The dumping of products like cheap rubber, coffee, tea, pepper, coconut from ASEAN nations would have heavily [...]

Will Trump’s tariff tantrums spark off a global trade war?

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The signs are ominous. Recent utterances by the US President and top administration officials point towards more punitive import tariffs and entry restrictions to protect American industry. This could beget retaliation from China and others and seriously undermine the incipient global economic recovery. The bull has entered the China shop and though it hasn’t started rampaging yet, its first moves suggest that it could just be warming up. US President Donald Trump has imposed high import duties on washing machines [...]