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Indians have an in-built entrepreneurial spirit

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Ravi Mehrotra is a well-known Indian shipping magnate who has built a strong diversified empire from scratch in the Foresight group. He may have been based around the world over the years, from Iran to Europe, but has refused to part with his Indian passport to ensure his every achievement is counted as an Indian success story. ‘India Global Business’ takes a trip down memory lane with this self-made Global Indian. How would you describe Foresight Group's genesis and key milestones?  [...]

In Europe, digital disruption comes in many forms

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Amit Bajaj is Chief Executive – Europe for Tata Consultancy Services, one of India’s leading software services firms. In this ‘India Global Business’ exclusive, he traces the Mumbai-headquartered IT giant’s 40-year footprint across Europe, what the region has to offer the Indian IT sector and the inevitable impact of Brexit. How important is Europe to TCS? We have been present in Europe for last 40 years and expanded our operations to over 21 countries. We work with 350 clients, including [...]

India-EU relations in a New World economy

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Frugal innovation and new business models for inclusive growth hold the key for a new India-Europe collaboration, argues an expert on Indo-Europe ties. We do not suspect how the global economy has taken a new turn after the great crisis of 2009. Not to redefine the relations between India and Europe in the new global economy in the making is to condemn both partners to misunderstandings and gradually a turn-back. This is true for instance with the obsession of completing [...]

Lots of potential, but…

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India-EU ties can attain great heights but Brussels needs to be a little more sensitive towards New Delhi’s needs Even as Britain’s “leave” vote in the Brexit referendum continues to grab a disproportionate amount of media attention, the Narendra Modi government and bureaucrats in Brussels are working quietly to realise the full potential of India’s relationship with the European Union (EU), which, many analysts believe, is as, if not more important, than New Delhi’s ties with London. Largest trading partner [...]