North America Edition – 27 December 2019

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Year of drama and assertion

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2019 was a year of near non-stop drama, fast-moving action and events with far-reaching consequences. It was also a year in which powerful nations and their leaders asserted their right of action in different ways and in doing so, majorly disrupted the 'business as usual' status quo that the world has gotten used to. We look at some of the biggest developments of 2019 in this analysis. Trade war The year’s biggest economic news was undoubtedly the ongoing trade war [...]

Rolling out an innovative recycling landscape

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An executive of a leading tyre manufacturing company suggests the embodiment of sustainability and stakeholder-centric models to future proof companies. Highlights: Innovative approaches to developing sustainable tyres are essential to really drive down emissions from the motor industry. Disused tyres pose a huge environmental challenge. The tyre industry has been looking at and experimenting with innovative use and recycling of old tyres for sustainability, including recycling old tyres. When over 3,000 business and political leaders convene in Davos next [...]

India-US energy cooperation in an age of upheaval

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An energy expert explores how the sector can provide a new base for a stronger US-India relationship. Highlights: State-state and other subnational cooperation to deepen energy linkages. Growing sustainable energy and emissions reduction technologies in the industrial sector. Expansion of cooperation on securing supply chains for key technologies in the energy transition. Including inputs from institutional investors and key foundations and philanthropies working to advance the clean energy transition in India. As 2020 begins, India enters this new decade [...]