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Modi’s Global Solar Alliance: Will cynics find darkness here too?

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Effective and efficient deployment of solar power could prove to be major catalyst for empowerment of those on the wrong side of socio-economic divide. Prime Minister Modi described “the sunrise of new hope, not just for clean energy but for villages and homes still in darkness, for mornings and evening filled with a clear view of the glory of the sun”. This dream is not just for India; but for all humanity – that was the message from the Indian [...]

Can Pharma remain the poster child for Make In India?

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There has been no better ambassador than the Indian pharmaceutical industry for the country, be it economically, diplomatically or being the poster child for Make In India. India Inc. explores the sector’s success as an exporter. Indian exports by numbers As shown in the preceding table, India is by far the largest producer and exporter of branded generic drugs and accounts for 20 per cent of the global market by volume. In pure economic terms, pharmaceutical exports have been a [...]

India and Germany have become partners of choice: India Inc. Interview with Gurjit Singh

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Cooperation between the Indian and German SME sectors can transform economic relations and overall ties between the two countries, Indian ambassador to Germany Gurjit Singh tells 'India Global Business' in this exclusive interview. How would you categorise Indo-German ties? Bilateral relations between India and Germany have been growing. We have a strategic partnership and we are building on our growing convergence on a wide range of issues and on the complementarities between the two economies. Last year (2015) was one [...]

EU-India ties remain stuck at sub-optimal levels

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Brussels will have to walk the extra mile to improve relations with India but it is in the strategic interest of both to do so argues India Inc. Consulting Editor Arnab Mitra. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Brussels came in the backdrop of the recent terror attack that devastated the seat of the 28-member European Union. Given the shared concerns on the growth of terror networks, it was natural that talks on how to combat this global menace [...]