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Indian sugar industry is posting sweet export numbers

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Demand is surging from Indonesia, Malaysia and Iran, and with it are exporters’ margins. The forecast for the Indian sugar industry is sweet. The word on the street has experts speculating that total sugar exports in the current marketing year could surpass 5 million tonnes. This is a step up from earlier estimates which put it at 4.5 million tonnes. The government had set the mills a target of 6 million tonnes and this landmark could also be overhauled. Thanks [...]

Indian rice exports provide food for thought to Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur’s intention to import 100,000 tonnes of grain from India has brought about a reset in the strained bilateral ties between the two nations. The strength and potency of India’s foreign policy and its ability to conduct flawless bi-lateral relations among nations has once again been highlighted on a regional scale. Malaysia has approached India for a contract to import 100,000 tonnes of rice for the next two months. The rice deals followed a strong order for the import [...]

A wide scope of Indian expansion in Malaysia

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The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) runs through ways Indian investors can capitalise on business opportunities in Malaysia. Malaysia is no stranger to the Indian business community. The relationship has been dynamic, evolving in the rapidly changing international environment. The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), the principal investment promotion agency for the country, set up its overseas office in Mumbai in April 2008. This office is responsible for the promotion of quality Indian investments into Malaysia, to provide potential investors [...]

A Hollywood style game, set, match

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Ashok Amritraj is famous as one of the Indians who made a mark on international professional tennis back in the 1970s, alongside brother Vijay. The 60-year-old is today best known as a Hollywood producer with over 100 films grossing over $2 billion on the box-office worldwide. The Chennai-born filmmaker is based in Los Angeles but truly embodies the Global Indian tag, making regular trips to India as well as the UK.

‘India Global Business’ caught up with the chairman and CEO of Hyde Park Entertainment during a recent visit to London to delve into the business of cinema, breaking the race divide in Hollywood to pave the way for future generations and China beating India in the box-office race.