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Unlocking India’s land banks

2020-08-20T06:53:51+00:00May 12th, 2020|Globally Speaking - India Global Business|

The Modi government’s move to create a land bank twice the size of Luxembourg to provide foreign investors with on-demand plug and play infrastructure will make India attractive for companies leaving China, writes India Inc. Group Founder and CEO Manoj Ladwa. Highlights: The Gujarat government’s decision to allocate plots to interested companies within seven days will address a huge pain point for foreign and domestic investors. This coupled with the Modi government’s decision to create a land bank of 463,000 [...]

India has capacity to absorb high levels of investment

2018-12-04T10:39:24+00:00April 29th, 2016|2016, India Investment Journal April/May Edition, Policy/Infrastructure, Year|

S.B. Nayar, chairman and managing director of India’s state-owned infrastructure financier India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL), has a bird’s eye view of what is arguably India’s most exciting and also, ironically, most difficult sector – infrastructure. In an interview with Consulting Editor Arnab Mitra, he speaks of how investor sentiment has improved tremendously over the last two years and how the sector is now poised for a quantum jump. Please give us an overview of the Indian infrastructure sector. [...]