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US Elections 2020: How Indian Americans have the power to swing the vote

2020-09-25T13:43:24+00:00September 25th, 2020|iGLOBAL, News & Views|

With just over a month until the 2020 US presidential elections to go, both the ruling Republican Party and the Opposition Democratic Party are fully revved up to woo voters. And for both rivals, the Indian American vote is set to prove more important than ever before.

Labour Party turns to Gandhi to build bridges with Indian diaspora

2020-08-19T13:36:38+00:00August 19th, 2020|iGLOBAL, News & Views|

Labour Friends of India (LFIN), a community engagement group part of the UK’s Opposition Labour Party, is leading efforts to reconnect with the Global Indian community with a new mentorship scheme named after Mahatma Gandhi to increase diaspora representation across the party ranks.