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How India and Japan can help Bhutan

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As China and Bhutan inch closer to signing an agreement for the Dokham boundary dispute, an international relations expert charts out the various steps that Bhutan could take to ensure continued support from India and further improve Indo-Japanese relations. Bhutan is the world’s No. 1 pro-India country. But as the Doklam boundary dispute between India and China continues, Bhutan’s traditional foreign policy alignment with India has wavered. In October 2019, media reports indicated that Bhutan would negotiate with China and [...]

Chopstick Diplomacy: Decoding the Modi-Abe equation

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The Modi-Abe chemistry can translate into a great partnership model of global economic and strategic cooperation, writes India Inc. Founder & CEO Manoj Ladwa. It was Shinzo Abe who, in his first term as Japan’s Prime Minister, had suggested an “Arc of Democracy” from Japan to India as the defining feature of the new global architecture in the 21st century. Though he didn’t say it in so many words, most geo-political experts interpreted this as some sort of a still-not-fully-defined [...]

India-Japan: Convergence at the top but…

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India and Japan are on the same page on the Indo-Pacific, security, economic cooperation and on the need to cooperate on developing infrastructure across Asia and Africa in order to provide a counterweight to China. They now have to find a way of translating this convergence of goals into brick and mortar projects that actually make a difference on the ground. Japan has emerged as India’s closest strategic and economic partner over the last couple of decades. The close personal [...]