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India Inc. TV: Time for a new perspective

2020-05-05T05:59:45+00:00April 30th, 2020|India Inc News|

Dismay at the way India and Indians are at times misrepresented on the global stage needs a considered response and India Inc. Group takes a step towards redressing the balance and sharing refreshing new perspectives, writes Founder & CEO Manoj Ladwa. It would not be over-stating facts to say that the media industry the world over has been undergoing an upheaval, further pronounced in recent weeks by the coronavirus pandemic. Amid the doom and gloom of redundancies and retrenchments, there [...]

Portugal-India: A growing relationship

2020-05-11T04:00:04+00:00March 13th, 2020|2020, Guest Columns - India Global Business, Hotspot - India Global Business, North America Edition – 13 March-26 March 2020, UK Edition – 13 March-26 March 2020|

With tremendous local talent, world-class infrastructure and business-friendly government policies, Portugal crosses off several boxes for Indian companies seeking to expand overseas. Highlights: Innovation, talented workforce and access to the European market are just some of the factors that make Portugal an attractive investment destination for India. Indian and Portuguese businesses have been steadily collaborating across various sectors. Several reforms and policies have contributed to significantly improve Portugal’s business environment and boost technological development. Portugal and India have a [...]