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Negative list of imports to provide a leg up for Made in India defence platforms

2020-08-20T03:37:26+00:00August 17th, 2020|The Big Story - India Global Business|

With a list of 101 weapons systems to be barred from import between December this year and 2025 the government has opened up a $53-billion market for foreign OEMs to tie up with Indian companies as well as local supply chain partners to make these items in India.

Unfair to criticise Modi govt for raising import tariffs

2020-03-18T09:31:34+00:00December 23rd, 2019|North America Edition – 27 December 2019, UK Edition – 27 December 2019|

The Modi government has been facing a lot of criticism for its recent policies to give impetus to Make in India – some being similar to those previously been adopted by now-booming economies in the earlier stages of their growth. It would be prudent to not make any hasty judgements and see how this plays out for India in the longer run. Many free-market mavens are upset with India’s Narendra Modi government for apparently turning its back on free trade. [...]

Trump’s ‘Tariff King’ jibe more bark than bite, we hope

2020-03-24T11:35:52+00:00October 5th, 2018|India Inc News|

The US President's high stakes game of global poker threatens to derail some of the hard work done on India-US relations, writes India Inc. Founder & CEO Manoj Ladwa. It was only last week that US President Donald Trump praised India in glowing terms, calling it a free society of a billion-plus people that has successfully pulled millions out of poverty. A week later, India is the “tariff king” that imposes high import duties on US products and, having been caught out by [...]

Money Matters: How EXIM Bank helped India make a mark in Africa

2018-10-31T10:18:15+00:00June 3rd, 2016|2016, Africa, May/June 2016, Year|

The Export Import (EXIM) Bank of India has had a robust presence in countries in the African continent, which it sees a critical component of its strategy to promote and support two-way trade and investment. It described itself as a partner institution to promote economic development in Africa. Here we trace its backing for Indian companies in the region. EXIM India actively promotes and finances Indian companies to execute their projects in Africa. As on March 2015, EXIM India supported [...]