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The big democrat vs republican divide

2018-05-18T13:05:12+00:00October 19th, 2016|2016, Global Indians, October 2016, Year|

It has been described as the most divisive elections in history and the Indian-origin politicians on either side of the Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump divide are no exception. Reflecting much of the US Elections 2016 trends, a number of the Trump supporters seem to be rather muted while Clinton has a more gung-ho team. ‘India Global Business’ hand-picks some of the prominent players.

Hillary will be (just) a safer bet for India

2018-09-27T13:42:44+00:00October 19th, 2016|2016, October 2016, Putting It In Context, Year|

So Donald Trump “is a big fan of India and a big fan of Hindu (sic)”; is he? At a gathering of about 5,000 American Indians at New Jersey’s Raritan Center, addressing what was probably the first country-specific ethno-religious rally by a US presidential hopeful, the Republican candidate promised a “phenomenal future” for Indo-US ties and said that under a “Trump administration”, the two countries “are going to be best friends”.

This is the first time that Trump has spoken about his vision for the country's relationship with India and has tried to tick all the right boxes. But American Indians remain wary of him, given his earlier protectionist rants, which, if taken...

Who will be better for India – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

2018-09-27T13:40:19+00:00October 18th, 2016|2016, Last Word, October 2016, Year|

If one goes by the views of the expat Indian community in the US, it’s a settled debate. A recent survey says an overwhelming 87 per cent of Indian Americans support Clinton, while a minuscule 6 per cent back Trump.

But a more detailed analysis of where they stand on issues of importance to India shows that the issue may not be as simple as that.

FACT SHEET: An Indian in Chicago

2020-03-12T08:18:43+00:00October 18th, 2016|2016, October 2016, US Election, Year|

As US President Barack Obama gets set to hand over power to either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the November 8 elections, ‘India Global Business’ takes a trip to his home city of Chicago. The so-called “Windy City” is not only home to some of the world’s tallest buildings and sky-scrapers but also among the largest Indian American population of around 172,000.

What is the Trump card that woos Indian Americans?

2018-10-31T07:26:31+00:00August 11th, 2016|2016, India-US, July/August 2016, Year|

It is one of the many perplexities of modern day politics that a politician who has such extreme views on India and Indians can find favour among the Indian diaspora in the US.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has strong and, often offensive, views on just about anything. From wanting to build a wall to block out Mexicans to denying entry to Muslims into the US, he has gone on record with some of the most outrageous statements from any modern day politician.