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One year of GST: Well begun but still a work in progress

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The early indications are that GST has led to a rise in revenue collections and shrunk the shadow market; this is leading to a massive formalisation of the Indian economy, which will generate huge demand for fintech products and services. In April this year, Goods and Service Tax (GST) collections in India crossed the Rs 1 lakh crore ($15 billion or Rs 1 trillion) mark. But that proved to be a one-off. Collections in the subsequent two months are in [...]

Freer movement of people will benefit both UK and India

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British visa curbs on Indian professionals and students is myopic and self-defeating. Even as the UK and India were gearing up for the first India Inc. organised UK-India Week in June 2018, the Theresa May government decided, in its wisdom, to exclude Indian students from a list of so-called “low-risk” countries whose nationals would be subjected to less stringent visa procedures. This caused outrage not only among Indians but also from several important members of the British establishment who favour [...]

EBRD a natural partner for Indian businesses

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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) welcomed its newest member, India, with a first-of-its-kind conference in Mumbai in June. Themed around “Mobilising private sector finance in the EBRD region and how Indian companies can benefit”, the summit brought together EBRD experts, investors and prominent business people to highlight opportunities for the Indian private sector. EBRD President Suma Chakrabarti delves into some of the themes relevant for the bank’s 69th member – India. How important is India’s membership of EBRD? We are [...]

Brexit has sparked new ties between Portugal and India

2020-03-26T09:45:44+00:00July 23rd, 2018|2017/2018, Global Edition – July 2018|

An Executive Committee member of Portugal IN examines how recent events have made the European nation a favourable choice for foreign investors. As the news about the results of the Brexit referendum exploded into the media in June 2016, the rest of the EU slid into a temporary period of shock. Only one thing was certain: the political and economic situation of the UK, the remaining EU27 and possibly the entire world, would change forever. Some EU countries were fast [...]

Making it easier for companies to Access India

2018-07-25T07:47:26+00:00July 23rd, 2018|2017/2018, Global Edition – July 2018|

A senior Indian diplomat weighs up Access India, an initiative by the High Commission of India in London to facilitate the smooth entry of UK companies in the Indian market. Multinational companies, large corporates and big industrial houses have been at the forefront of investment and trade between India and the UK. Today, India is the fourth-largest investor in the UK with Indian companies having a turnover of over £45 billion and the UK is the second largest G-20 investor [...]

Australia unveils $100bn investment strategy for India

2020-08-20T07:12:04+00:00July 23rd, 2018|2017/2018, Global Edition – July 2018, Home Page|

India-Australia relations set for a boost with the release of ‘An India Economic Strategy to 2035’ report that seeks to enhance trade and people-to-people ties, writes India Inc. Founder and CEO Manoj Ladwa. Most Indians don’t know much about Australia barring its history of producing top class cricketers. And it’s a fair guestimate that Indians and Australians don’t spend a lot of time thinking about each other’s countries when the two sides are not battling it out with bat and ball [...]

A half-year review of the Indian real estate market

2018-07-31T11:44:39+00:00July 20th, 2018|2017/2018, Global Edition – July 2018|

An Indian real estate expert analyses property trends following the implementation of Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) and Goods and Services Tax (GST) in the country. As the half-year mark approaches the real estate sector, there is a mixed feeling in the developer community. The larger firms have restarted launching new projects – which had taken quite a back seat, with the least number of new project launches in 2017 due to the implementation of RERA and GST. The mid-sized [...]

Ecological schemes to counter catastrophe

2018-07-23T10:27:35+00:00July 19th, 2018|2017/2018, Global Edition – July 2018|

The Director of Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) Foundation addresses the need for sustainable initiatives in the corporate environment. Our collective global actions in our business have hit our planet’s vitals. It is alarming to note that we are speedily exhausting the carbon emission budget of 1200 Gigatons of carbon that the United Nations body on Climate Change has assigned to be used by the end of this century. That target is important to keep global temperature rise to not [...]

Karnataka: India’s global R&D centre

2018-07-23T10:32:28+00:00July 17th, 2018|2017/2018, Global Edition – July 2018|

Karnataka, which houses India’s so-called Silicon Valley deep in its capital city of Bangalore, is already a darling with investors, but the $16-billion Walmart-Flipkart deal shows there is still a lot of untapped potential. Away from the humdrum of an election-bound Karnataka in the first half of May, the top bosses at US retailer Walmart and Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart were busy giving the final touches to what is India’s biggest acquisition this year. The negotiations that included valuation of [...]

Air India marks 70 years since first India-UK flight

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India’s national carrier is marking 70 years since the first Air India flight took off from Mumbai to London in June 1948 by inviting members of the Indian diaspora in Britain to share their memories of the airline in its early days. Air India’s iconic first international flight, on a Super Constellation aircraft, took off from Mumbai on June 8 and landed in London via Cairo and Geneva on June 10, 1948, with just 42 passengers on board, including some Indian Nawabs and Maharajas. Air India celebrated the [...]