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What ails the Indian civil aviation sector

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Indian airlines are growing the fastest in the world, but a majority of them are also losing money. A number of factors, such as the world’s highest aviation turbine fuel prices and problems with some aircraft brands, are challenges they need to overcome but there’s massive room for growth as a majority of Indians still consider flying very expensive. India’s oldest private sector airline, Jet Airways, downed shutters “temporarily” in April as lenders tried to find a white knight buyer [...]

Spotify is enabling users to become cultural curators

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Amarjit Batra is Managing Director India for Spotify. In this interview with ‘India Global Business’, he gives an insight into online music streaming trends in India and the firm’s successful launch in the country. How does Spotify plan to break through a crowded music streaming market like India? There are three factors that differentiate us and will help break through the clutter. First, since the day of our launch in India, we've delivered an unparalleled localised and personalised experience, unique to [...]

New Brunswick: India’s Nearshore Gateway to North America

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The Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB) team highlights the prospects offered by the Canadian province presents for companies looking to expand in North America. The world’s most successful companies are taking advantage of the nearshore value proposition offered by the Canadian province of New Brunswick. Advantageously located on Canada’s beautiful East Coast, the province easily enables international companies to support their global footprint and service clients across North America and Eurasia in the same business day. Combine that advantage with low [...]

Women in India’s poorest communities can earn 7x the informal wage

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Empowering women as agents of change can change the future for millions of Indian families living in poverty. Before Rukhashana Parveen joined Pollinate Group just over one year ago, she had never held a formal job. As a mother of two children who attend primary school, Rukhashana became interested in working with Pollinate Group to become more independent, while supporting her family. Rukhashana sells products, such as solar lights and water filters, to improve the lives of her peers living [...]