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‘Exoskeleton Structures’ echoes Make in India, Make for World’ vision

2020-12-08T10:26:03+00:00August 18th, 2020|India Inc Views - India Global Business, News in Brief|

In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision Atma Nirbhar Bharat, mobility tech start up firm EVage introduces India's first home-built 'Exoskeleton Structure' that will provide a common platform for launch of SUVs, Vans, Delivery Vehicles and Trucks.

Sodium-ion batteries for India’s energy transition

2020-12-11T03:16:16+00:00May 12th, 2020|Expert View - India Global Business, Guest Columns - India Global Business|

As India prioritises electric vehicles, it will have to look at alternatives to reduce dependence on traditional lithium-ion batteries. Highlights: For electricity supply to become fully free of fossil fuels, generation from renewables will need to be stored. As renewables gain market share, many experts see a serious problem with the availability of lithium as well as its price. Sodium-ion battery technology is now emerging as a potentially viable alternative for large-scale application. India is accelerating its energy transition [...]

India must not wobble on its EV ambitions

2020-08-20T07:00:01+00:00August 16th, 2019|India Inc News|

India must stay the course on its Electric Vehicles ambitions, as the future economic and environmental stakes are much, much higher writes India Inc. CEO and Founder, Manoj Ladwa. Electric vehicles present the Indian government with a difficult choice. With 14 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities being in India, the temptation to push for early adoption of EVs, and thus, reduce the concentration of tail pipe emission in India’s urban centres is huge. Then, India imports 84 per [...]