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Modi’s Houston Home Run

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Editorial Comment   ‘India Global Business’ gives its take on Modi’s Houston Home Run, the Beast of Brexit and India’s Moon Mission. When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed Indian Americans at Madison Square Gardens in 2014, he was in New York for an official function; when he addressed 60,000 British Indians at the Wembley Stadium the following year, he was in London to attend a Commonwealth event. His address to Indians at Houston later this month is different and [...]

The Beast of Brexit

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Editorial Comment   ‘India Global Business’ gives its take on the Beast of Brexit, Modi’s Houston Home Run and India’s Moon Mission. The Beast of Brexit The Scottish court annulling the proroguing of British Parliament by Prime Minister Boris Johnson has dealt yet another blow to his still very nascent premiership. With Parliament earlier passing a resolution blocking a no-deal Brexit and ruling out an early election, the Brexit end game has entered uncharted waters. The British Supreme Court will [...]