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The European Union: What next?

2018-09-05T13:31:28+00:00December 11th, 2016|2016, India-EU, Year, Yearend 2016|

To say that the year 2016 shook up the very foundations of the European Union (EU) would not be an exaggeration. The reverberations from the Brexit vote in Britain aside, the economic bloc is undergoing its biggest existential crises that will continue to unravel in the New Year. India has had a rather bumpy ride with the EU, not least when it comes to the now infamous free trade agreement (FTA) which has been stuck in various rounds of negotiations [...]

An effective economic diplomacy to move forward on EU-India relations

2018-09-05T13:32:39+00:00December 10th, 2016|2016, India-EU, Year, Yearend 2016|

The chief executive of Brussels-based trade group Eurochambres analyses whether the traditional trade agreement format is viable any more when it comes to India’s relationship with the European Union (EU). India has become the world’s fastest-growing large economy. It is the world’s seventh-largest economy in terms of gross domestic product (GDP), overtaking the G7 members Canada and Italy as well as Brazil. In 2015 India’s economy expanded despite agriculture facing a second consecutive drought year, with the Asian Development Bank [...]

EU remains committed to broad, ambitious FTA with India

2018-12-05T11:08:09+00:00November 18th, 2016|2016, Around The World, India Investment Journal November Edition, Year|

India and the European Union (EU) are poised for a broader and more ambitious engagement was the key outcome of the Trade and Investment Partnership Summit (TIPS) 2016, the annual flagship event of the Europe India Chamber of Commerce (EICC), held in Brussels in November. India and the European Union (EU) have been working on signing a free trade agreement (FTA) since 2007 but an agreement remains elusive over key sticking points on both sides. A senior EU trade official [...]

Negotiating Brussels

2018-10-31T14:05:41+00:00November 7th, 2016|2016, India-EU, Special Edition - November 2016, Year|

A public affairs expert based out of Brussels looks into how Brexit would change Europe and the way Indian corporates do business in the region for ‘India Global Business’. It’s a popular perception that the UK’s exit from the EU will lead to a more protectionist and inward-looking Europe. It’s true that the UK has championed the single market and the better regulation agenda to ensure that harmonisation comes with a minimum of red tape; however, that liberalising instinct has [...]

Lots of potential, but…

2018-10-31T13:53:36+00:00November 1st, 2016|2016, India-EU, Special Edition - November 2016, Year|

India-EU ties can attain great heights but Brussels needs to be a little more sensitive towards New Delhi’s needs Even as Britain’s “leave” vote in the Brexit referendum continues to grab a disproportionate amount of media attention, the Narendra Modi government and bureaucrats in Brussels are working quietly to realise the full potential of India’s relationship with the European Union (EU), which, many analysts believe, is as, if not more important, than New Delhi’s ties with London. Largest trading partner [...]

Huge opportunities for India in post-Brexit world

2018-10-31T14:21:33+00:00August 11th, 2016|2016, Brexit Special, India-EU, July/August 2016, Special Edition - November 2016, Year|

Manjeev Singh Puri as the Ambassador of India to the European Union (EU), Belgium and Luxembourg has a unique vantage point on the unfolding global order following the UK’s referendum result in favour of an exit from the EU. The seasoned diplomat, who took charge in Brussels in January 2014, takes time out for ‘India Global Business’ to give a broad view of what the post-Brexit scenario could look like for India. What do you see as a Brexit impact [...]

India seeks a better Britain-Europe fit

2018-10-31T13:22:34+00:00April 12th, 2016|2016, March/April 2016, Putting it in context, Year|

Uncertainty is the only certainty in these uncertain times. That is the reality of the European Union (EU) today. And that is a worry for the region and for a globally engaged India. Global events compounded by economic and physical insecurities within member states are threatening the EU’s very existence. It is quite obvious that the EU is changing and changing fast; yet, no one really knows what a transformed EU might look like in a year’s time. Prime Minister [...]

EU-India ties remain stuck at sub-optimal levels

2020-03-12T08:11:03+00:00April 6th, 2016|2016, EU, March/April 2016, Year|

Brussels will have to walk the extra mile to improve relations with India but it is in the strategic interest of both to do so argues India Inc. Consulting Editor Arnab Mitra. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Brussels came in the backdrop of the recent terror attack that devastated the seat of the 28-member European Union. Given the shared concerns on the growth of terror networks, it was natural that talks on how to combat this global menace [...]