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High on HCQ, India-Brazil ties may prosper from COVID-19

2020-05-16T14:30:50+00:00May 15th, 2020|Country Focus - India Global Business, India Inc Views - India Global Business|

As the largest economy in Latin America, Brazil can be a strong ally in India’s global ambitions. Highlights: So far, on the economic front, Brazil-India ties are largely seen as that of a buyer-seller relationship. Agricultural trade is a key area of focus for both countries. A commodity-rich Brazil and an innovation-led India can emerge as the perfect foil for a world desperate to look beyond China. The coronavirus pandemic is causing massive destruction all around the world, India’s [...]

A new page for India-Brazil ties

2020-05-09T17:11:07+00:00January 10th, 2020|2020, Country Focus - India Global Business, India Inc Views - India Global Business, North America Edition – 10 January 2020, UK Edition – 10 January 2020|

Brazilian PM Jair Bolsonaro’s visit to India as the chief guest at the annual Republic Day Parade could open up new avenues for strengthening the relationship between the two countries. Highlights: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's visit to India in January will help further the several issues India and Brazil agree on. Brazil’s advantages in areas like energy, agriculture, defence, and space are things that India can benefit from. The recent MoU agreed with Brazil addresses a range of issues with [...]

Investing in Brazil

2018-10-30T12:28:56+00:00March 16th, 2018|2017/2018, Global Edition- March 2018, Hotspot, Year|

Apex-Brasil, one of Brazil’s leading investment bodies, lays out points of attraction for Indian business to invest in Brazil. Brazil has been a top investment destination for many years, and it still is, despite the volatility generated by the recent crisis the country went through. Since 2010, Brazil has remained among the world’s 10 main foreign direct investment (FDI) recipient countries. Last year (2017), nearly $75 billion in FDI were received by the country. This year, close to $80 billion are expected. [...]

CSR cannot be an afterthought

2020-03-12T14:13:17+00:00November 18th, 2016|2016, Flagship Schemes, India Investment Journal November Edition, Year|

Kartik Kilachand, the CEO & co-founder of Magnus Gyan, is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on India-US initiatives. More recently, he moved to being a social impact entrepreneur – leveraging technology for providing skills training for under-privileged youth to create employment opportunities. He tells ‘India Investment Journal’ about his journey so far and the motivation behind his serial entrepreneurship. I have been an entrepreneur nearly all my life, except for the first five years after my graduate studies at [...]

Fact Sheet: An Indian in Rio de Janeiro

2020-03-12T08:15:13+00:00August 11th, 2016|2016, Emerging Markets, July/August 2016, Year|

The seaside town of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil will play host to the Olympics in August 2016. As all eyes are currently on this city famed for its carnivals, ‘India Global Business’ prepares a handy guide for those planning to make the most of the business opportunities the city has to offer against the backdrop of this great sporting event.

Post-Brexit Britain: Something will have to give

2018-10-03T14:11:14+00:00August 9th, 2016|2016, Brexit Special, India-EU, July/August 2016, Special Edition - November 2016, Year|

To say that the UK’s vote to leave the EU has ushered in a period of “uncertainty” would be something of an under-statement.

Even though the UK voted decisively to leave the EU, there is no consensus on what Brexit means in practice. On the one hand, a few politicians, along with much of the press, are celebrating the UK’s new freedom to pursue trade deals with fast-growing emerging economies such as China and India, for now this freedom is...