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Billions at stake, Modi govt must find a middle path to resolve this banking crisis

2021-01-06T11:24:57+00:00January 6th, 2021|India Inc Views - India Global Business, Special Report - India Global Business|

Borrowers want a partial moratorium on interest payments during the lockdown period. Debtors can’t be dragged to court for defaulting on loans till March 31. Indian courts will rule on several contentious financial issues whose impact will be felt for years to come.

First green shoots of growth visible in NBFC sector

2020-12-29T11:19:57+00:00December 28th, 2020|Analysis - India Global Business, India Inc Views - India Global Business|

India’s shadow banking sector, which finances a majority of auto, consumer durables and housing sales, is expected to come out of its slump and get back on the growth track next year. This will help fuel consumption, improve demand and generate growth.

Need for governance reforms in the banking sector

2020-12-10T07:08:29+00:00July 15th, 2020|Guest Columns - India Global Business, Insight - India Global Business|

The crisis in the Indian finance sector is severely limiting its ability to provide sufficient credit flows to industry; and this is delaying the economic recovery. Extensive reforms are required to facilitate the flow of some of the international pool of $600 billion that is looking for suitable investment destinations.

2020 Indian real estate – limping back to a functioning liquidity cycle

2020-09-21T08:25:24+00:00January 10th, 2020|2020, India Inc Views - India Global Business, North America Edition – 10 January 2020, Realty Corner, UK Edition – 10 January 2020|

A real estate expert breaks down the causes for the poor performance of the sector in 2019 and suggests measures the government could adopt to revive it. Highlights: The IL&FS crisis caused a domino effect on the NBFC and banking system with institutions declaring higher than anticipated non-performing assets (NPAs) and going into a conservative lending mode. The real estate sector was probably the worst hit given that it had a sequence of poor performing years. The government mooted a [...]

Resilience is the Indian financial service sector’s biggest strength

2020-09-21T08:24:18+00:00November 28th, 2019|2019, North America Edition – 29 November 2019, UK Edition – 29 November 2019|

Kalpana Morparia is Chairman - South and Southeast Asia at J.P. Morgan. In this interview, the banking veteran discusses the recent reforms in the Indian banking sector and her message for female CEOs in the making.

India’s bank mergers a good move, but overcoming integration challenges will be key

2020-08-20T06:59:43+00:00September 9th, 2019|2019, Global Edition – September 2019, North America Edition – September 2019|

India’s recent bank mergers have brought the challenges within the Indian banking system to the forefront again, but the road ahead is brighter, writes India Inc. Founder and CEO Manoj Ladwa. The four biggest banks in the world (by assets) are Chinese. According to the S&P Global Market Intelligence 2019, China has 18 of the Top 100 banks in the world. In contrast, the largest Indian bank, the State Bank of India (SBI) ranks 54th on that list. It is [...]

Indian banks in the UK to play a catalytic role for a paradigm shift

2019-06-26T06:49:07+00:00June 25th, 2019|2019, Special Edition – June 2019|

The CEO of ICICI Bank UK highlights the role the bank plays in catering to the financial requirements of the Indian diaspora in the UK while also shedding light on other sectors that are ripe for collaborative opportunities between the two countries. India and the United Kingdom have a long-standing and historical relationship. This has transformed into a very strong people-to-people relationship over the last 70 years. The UK is now base to one of the most influential and strong [...]

Learning innovation in Indian banking and financial services

2019-05-10T12:01:30+00:00May 8th, 2019|2019, Global Edition – April 2019, Home Page|

The recent collaboration between IMT Ghaziabad and Vlerick Business School aims to equip students with a global vision and a local sensibility. Just as financial business leaders think worldwide, business schools must also think world-wide. It is a fact that best business schools are global, with campuses in different continents. Their best financial degrees are often in a partnership with other schools located overseas. Alliances between schools from different continents are built for offering the best international experience to their [...]

On a fintech mission to help small and medium enterprises

2020-03-16T10:31:53+00:00November 29th, 2018|2017/2018, UK Edition – December 2018|

Rishi Khosla is the Co-Founder and CEO of Britain’s digital bank OakNorth, which specialises in small and medium enterprise (SME) lending globally, using its data and technology platform OakNorth Analytical Intelligence. The company recently completed a $100-million funding round and has doubled its loan book from $1.1 billion to $2.2 billion since the start of 2018. In this interview, the Global Indian gives an insight into this fintech success story. What are the key factors behind OakNorth’s recent hugely successful funding round? [...]