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India’s Civil Aviation sector gets a leg up in Budget 2021

2021-02-03T06:56:59+00:00February 2nd, 2021|Guest Columns - India Global Business, Insight - India Global Business|

India's finance minister in her budget speech proposed a tax holiday for aircraft-leasing companies and tax exemptions for airlines paying lease rentals to foreign lessors if they choose to be based in the country's upcoming international finance hub.

India’s air bubbles will impact worldwide travel positively

2020-12-04T12:08:19+00:00August 31st, 2020|Interviews - India Global Business|

George Ettiyil is the Germany-headquartered Lufthansa Group’s Senior Director for South Asia Sales. In this interview with ‘India Global Business’, he reflects upon India’s recent air bubble agreements with several countries, including Germany, and how it would positively impact the global aviation industry, particularly hard-hit by the coronavirus lockdown.

Has COVID-19 infected international travel for good?

2020-05-11T04:51:19+00:00April 10th, 2020|2020, Analysis - India Global Business, India Inc Views - India Global Business, UK Edition – 10 April-23 April 2020|

The impact of the coronavirus on the aviation industry will transform global travel in myriad ways. Highlights: The coronavirus pandemic is causing a massive strain on the aviation industry due to restrictions on travel. In India, the biggest impact will be felt by state-owned Air India. A series of interim solutions are being looked into by governments around the world to try and keep grounded airlines afloat and save the cash-poor ones from bankruptcy. The one standout outcome of [...]

Is India set to become the next budget travel hotspot for Britain?

2018-12-11T10:15:04+00:00November 29th, 2018|2017/2018, UK Edition – December 2018|

New budget flights starting this winter, as well as cheaper holiday costs and simpler ways of applying for a visa, are set to make travel to India from the UK more attractive than ever, believes an industry expert. From December, just ahead of the most popular time of year for Britons to travel to India, WOW air will become the first budget airline to fly from the UK to India with fares starting from £149. Indian budget carrier IndiGo is also expected [...]

Air India marks 70 years since first India-UK flight

2020-09-21T10:46:33+00:00July 17th, 2018|2017/2018, Global Edition – July 2018|

India’s national carrier is marking 70 years since the first Air India flight took off from Mumbai to London in June 1948 by inviting members of the Indian diaspora in Britain to share their memories of the airline in its early days. Air India’s iconic first international flight, on a Super Constellation aircraft, took off from Mumbai on June 8 and landed in London via Cairo and Geneva on June 10, 1948, with just 42 passengers on board, including some Indian Nawabs and Maharajas. Air India celebrated the [...]

The privatisation of Air India will test Modi’s reformist resolve

2020-04-03T11:33:35+00:00January 22nd, 2018|2018/2017, Final Word, India Investment Journal January Edition, Year|

The proposed privatisation of India’s state-owned carrier will prove a balancing act for the government. The proposed privatisation of Air India, the country’s flag carrier, will test both the Narendra Modi government’s resolve to push through politically contentious reforms as well as its ability to balance the need to make the sale attractive to private investors while warding off opposition charges that it was “nationalising losses and privatising profits”. It will be a litmus test of how much his government [...]

Indian aviation is growing at enviable numbers

2018-08-01T11:56:15+00:00December 19th, 2017|2017/2018, December 2017, INDIA-UK, Year|

Vinay Dube is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Jet Airways, India’s leading private full-service international airlines. The aviation industry veteran took time out for ‘India Global Business’ during a recent London visit to explain what made Jet launch its fourth direct flight on the London-India circuit, future growth ambitions and plans to acquire as many as 150 new aircraft over the next five years. What prompted Jet to launch its fourth direct flight in the UK? In October, we [...]