In these Terms and Conditions (unless otherwise specified) the following words shall have following meaning:

Booking Contract means the submission of an application along with payment in the manner and form provided, together with the acceptance by the Organiser, the allocation by the Organiser and the acceptance by the Delegate for a place or places on the Forum.

Commencement date will be 12th March 2019

Delegate means the person, company, firm or other organisation to whom a place at the Forum has been allocated by the Organiser and, in relation to any term or condition imposing any prohibition, shall include employees, servants or agents of the Delegate.

Delegate Booking Form means an online form created for Delegates to register and make payments to participate in the Forum


Indian entity means the Organiser which is MLS VANI CONSULTANTS PVT LTD

Promoter means the person, company, firm or other organisation to whom a place at the Forum has been allocated by the Organiser and, in relation to any term or condition imposing any prohibition, shall include employees, servants or agents of the Promoter.


2.1 All applications to attend the Forum shall be made through the Delegate Booking Form.

2.2 Upon receipt of the application, the Organiser reserves the right to accept or refuse any application made by the Delegate. Acceptance or rejection of the Delegate’s application will be sent to the Delegate by email within Five working days of the Organiser receiving the application All applications shall be dealt with in order of its receipt and subject to availability.

    1. Upon acceptance of the application, the Organiser shall raise an invoice in name of the Delegate, The Delegate shall pay the amount mentioned in the invoice within Five days of the date of the invoice being raised by the Organiser.

    2. Upon receiving the amount mentioned in the invoice from the Delegate, the Organiser shall allocate the Delegate a place at the Forum. In the event the Delegate does not make the payment by the due date, the Organiser reserves the right to re-allocate the Delegate’s place to anyone else as the Organiser deems fit. All payments must be made by electronic bank transfer in Rupees and made payable to the Organiser.

    3. Upon receipt of amount mentioned in the invoice by the Organiser, the contract between the Organiser and the Delegate shall be deemed be accepted.

    4. Attendance at the Forum includes participation in the meeting programme, conference sessions, refreshments, lunch, gala dinner and networking activities. Delegate passes issued for use at the Forum are valid for the named attendee/s only and, cannot be transferred. The Delegates can be asked for photographic ID during the Forum. If the Delegate is unable to provide identification which matches the Delegate’s pass the Delegate shall be refused entry to the Forum.

2.7 In the event the Delegate books a place on the Forum less than two weeks before the Commencement date, the Organiser will only accept payment by a credit card, unless the Organiser expressly agrees otherwise in writing.


The Delegate hereby agrees to pay additional charges to the Organiser, in case the Organiser incurs any other ancillary expense for the organisation of the Forum provided that the Organiser notifies and takes prior approval for the additional charges from the Delegate. In the event the Delegate is not agreeable to pay the additional charges, the Organiser shall cancel the Delegate’s booking at the Forum and shall refund the application fees.


4.1 By the Delegate:

  1. If, after allocation of a place on the Forum, the Delegate desires to cancel its place on the Forum, a cancellation charge of the total payment made by the Delegate as per invoice will be made as follows:

  1. Cancellation within 12 months of the Commencement date, the cancellation charge shall be 50% of the contracted fee.

  2. Cancellation within 6 months of the Commencement date, the cancellation charge shall be 75% of the contracted fee.

  3. Cancellation within 3 months of the Commencement date, the cancellation charge shall be 100% of the contracted fee.

  1. In the event the Delegate is unable to attend the Forum, the Delegate will be allowed to find a substitute Delegate of similar standing to attend the Forum in the Delegate’s place at no extra cost to the Organiser, provided that the Delegate has given at least 2 days prior notice of the name of the proposed substitute delegate. All Notifications regarding any substitutions will be sent by email at:

  2. In the event the Delegate wants to cancel the booking at the Forum, the Delegate shall be required to notify the Organiser in writing of its intention to cancel the booking at the Forum.

4.2 By the Organiser:

  1. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the Booking Contract (or any part thereof) if the Delegate breaches any of its duties or obligations under the Contract, all payments made under the invoice shall stand forfeited;

  2. If the Organiser is requested to cancel the Forum by order of any Government or public authority or for reasons beyond the Organiser reasonable control to alter the advertised content, timing and/or location of the Forum. If the Forum is postponed, cancelled or abandoned by reason of war, fire, storm, explosion, natural disaster, national emergency, labour dispute, strike, lock-out, terrorist threat, civil disturbance, inevitable accident, force majeure, the non-availability, either wholly or partially, of the premises, or any other cause not within the control of the Organiser, the Organiser shall be under no liability to the Delegate in respect of any actions, claims, losses (including consequential losses) costs or expenses whatsoever which may be brought against or suffered or incurred by the Delegate, as the result of any such events.

  3. In the event the Forum is cancelled outright as per clause 4.2 (b) above, the Organiser will refund payments made under the invoice by the Delegate in full within 30 days from the cancellation of the Forum.


5.1 All rights in all presentations, documentation and materials published or otherwise made available as part of the Forum (including but not limited to any documentation packs or audio or audio-visual recording of the Forum) (“Content”) are owned by the Organiser or are included with the permission of the owner of the rights.

5.2 No photography, filming, recording, republication, broadcast or other dissemination of the Content will be permitted. The Delegate shall not distribute, reproduce, modify, store, transfer or in any other way use any of the Content (save that use by the relevant delegate for internal business purposes shall be permitted).


6.1 The Delegate must attend all business, networking and social sessions for the full duration of the Forum. The Delegate must not cancel or change any appointments the Organiser has arranged for the Delegate.

6.2 The Delegate may request appointments with individual Promoters or specific company representatives and whilst the Organiser will use its best endeavours to arrange such meetings, specific appointments cannot be guaranteed, and bookings cannot be conditional upon the scheduling of such appointments.

6.3 Around or within approximately 2 weeks before the Commencement date, the final list of Delegates and or Promoters will be issued and the Delegates will be asked to choose their preferred Promoters and/or Delegates to meet with from this list.

6.4 If a Delegate fails to confirm their list of preferred Delegate and or Promoters by the specified date, the Organiser reserves the right to arrange meetings on the Delegate’s behalf. Once the Organiser has completed the meetings process no changes in the schedule can be made. Meeting schedules will be made up from the requests of Delegates who want to meet with the Promoters and the Promoters who want to meet with Delegates.

6.5 The Organiser will not be held responsible for the outcome of any meetings, conversations or discussions held between the Delegates and the Promoters. The Organiser will not be held responsible for the suitability of any meetings or introductions arranged. Once the Organiser has finalised the meeting schedules, the Organiser will send the same by email to each delegate 2 days before the Commencement date. The Delegate schedules will be confirmed and presented to each delegate when they attend the Forum.

6.6 Whilst every effort will be made by the Organiser to accommodate every meeting request, the Organiser cannot guarantee that all meetings requests will be made as scheduled timings and the number of meetings allocated may simply not allow this. However, during networking times, social times and meal functions, the Delegates will have the opportunity to meet more of the attending Promoters.

6.7 All meetings will be prompt and will be held at the Promoter meeting desk at the Forum. The Organiser will not be held responsible if a Promoter is late or does not show. The Organiser will endeavour to help and assist in re-arranging any appointments or alternate appointments if there is a circumstance that arises due to lateness or a no-show subject to Delegate schedules and timescales being suitable to manage the change. At the Forum, the Delegates and the Promoters will work to their schedules of meetings and to the exact times shown on the schedules.

6.8 The Organiser will not be held responsible for the loss of any appointments, business time or networking time as a result of any Delegate who arrives at the Forum/venue late. All Delegates must respect the Hotel / Venues policies, rules and regulations and terms and conditions.


The Delegates must provide a detailed profile of their organisation and details of the person attending the Forum. This information will be forwarded to the Promoters when they are requested to select their preferred meetings with the Delegates and also will be used in the official Delegate Directory that will be given to all attendees. The Organiser will not be held responsible for any text, spelling, grammar, description terminology, and phrase or layout errors. The information must be provided in the format specified and the Delegate will be responsible for ensuring all the information stated is correct. The Organiser will not be held responsible for any issue that may arise from the profile not being correct or accurate. For marketing and assessment purposes, the Organiser reserves the right to share Delegate names with potential Promoters planning to attend the forum.


In the event of the Delegate becoming bankrupt or (being a company) entering into liquidation other than for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation, or having a receiver appointed, the Organiser shall be at liberty to terminate forthwith the contract with such a Delegate and to cancel the allotment of their place in Forum.


By virtue of the Terms and Conditions herein, the Delegates and the Organiser’s may have access to information that is confidential to one another. Both the Delegates and the Organiser’s agree to disclose only information that is required for the performance of obligations under these Terms and Conditions


10.1 The Organiser shall not be liable for the Delegate and/ or the named attendees or the substitute Delegate’s travel, accommodation or other costs and expenses incurred (included wasted costs and expenses). The Organiser reserves the right to change any special attraction, seminar, workshop and any other events programmes, venue, dates and duration of the Forum if circumstances so demand. In the event of change of venue and/or duration, the Booking Contract shall remain in force.

10.2 Whilst every endeavour will be made to adhere to the published programme and itinerary, the Organiser shall be entitled to vary the programme and itinerary if, in their opinion, this is in the general interest of the Forum.

10.3 The Organiser reserves the right to if, by rearrangement or postponement of the period of the Forum, or by substitution of other premises, or in any other reasonable manner, the Forum can be carried through, the contracts shall be binding upon all parties. The Organiser strongly advises the Delegate to insure themselves against such eventualities upon the booking of their place on the Forum. In the event the Forum is cancelled outright, the Organiser will refund all monies paid by the Delegate in full.

10.4 The Booking Contract may not be transferred or assigned by the Delegate without the Organiser’s prior consent. This Booking Contract constitutes the entire contract and understanding between the Organiser and the Delegates. This Booking Contract is binding on both the Organiser and the Delegate upon signature and the Delegate representing to the Organiser that this Booking Contract has been signed by an individual who is an authorised signatory of the Delegate and who has authority to bind the Delegate to the terms of the Booking Contract. All communication following the Booking Contract must be in writing and sent by first class pre-paid recorded post to the Organiser’s relevant address referred to above. All such notices are deemed to be received within 7 days of posting.

10.5 Any delegate with special dietary requirements must make the Organiser aware of this at the time of booking. This includes providing the Organiser with a detailed brief of specific allergies. Whilst the Organiser and the venue shall do all they can to accommodate requests, there will be surcharges incurred and these will be discussed and charged to the Delegate. The Organiser will not accept any responsibility for any incident that may arise (including medical conditions) at the Forum.

10.6 These Terms and Conditions (together with any documents referred to herein or required to be entered into pursuant to these Terms and Conditions) contain the entire agreement and understanding between the Organiser and supersede all prior agreements, understandings or arrangements (both oral and written) relating to the subject matter of these Terms and Conditions and any such document.

10.7 The Delegate acknowledges that in registering a delegate place the Delegate have not relied on, and shall have no remedy in respect of, any statement, representation, warranty, understanding, promise or assurance (whether negligently or innocently made) of any person other than as expressly set out in these Terms and Conditions.

10.8 These Terms and Conditions shall not create, nor shall they be construed as creating, any partnership or agency relationship between the Delegate and the Organiser. The Delegate accepts that the mode of communication with the Organsier will be electronic. The Organiser may contact the Delegate by e-mail or provide the information by posting notices on their website.

10.9 Terms and Conditions and the rights and obligations of both the Organiser and the Delegate shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of India and both parties irrevocably agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai in respect of any dispute which arises hereunder.


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