Freer movement of people will benefit both UK and India

by India Inc. Staff
British visa curbs on Indian professionals and students is myopic and self-defeating. Even as the UK and India were gearing up for the first India Inc. organised UK-India Week in June 2018, the Theresa May government decided, in its wisdom, to exclude Indian students from a list of so-called “low-risk” countries whose nationals would be subjected to less stringent visa procedures. This caused outrage not only among Indians but also from several important members of the British establishment who favour forging closer people-to-people links between the two countries. The UK Home Office, when May was in charge of the department, had earlier sent bans to areas with large Indian populations with the slogan “Go home or face arrest” and in the drive against illegal overstayers had sent many UK-resident Indians packing. Particularly galling for India is the fact that countries like China and Bahrain have been included in the list of countries subjected to easier entry rules. To read more register below...
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