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Sweden offers huge possibilities of growth for Indian companies

Hitesh Kumbhat is the Chief Financial Officer of Kalpataru Power Transmission Sweden AB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mumbai based KPTL. In this interview with India Global Business, he discusses the opportunities for growth in the Swedish market, while highlighting some of the challenges the Indian companies face in expanding overseas and the company’s future plans in Sweden.

Sweden offers tremendous opportunities for start-ups

Sanjeev Sharma is the CEO and Co-founder of ExcelDots, a Sweden based start-up that provides a range of solutions using advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to enable safe and affordable access to groundwater. In this interview with ‘India Global Business’, he speaks about the company’s vision, advantages of working in the Sweden start-up ecosystem and his plans for the Indian market.

China’s imperialist eye turns to Bangladesh

Beijing is acting rogue in South Asia and its latest attempt to stir the pot is to woo Bangladesh, one of Asia’s fastest growing economies. But will its opportunism match India’s all weather appeal with Dhaka?

Modi, Morrison close ranks against Chinese antics

A pact to allow Indian and Australian militaries to use each other’s bases, upgrading the 2 + 2 dialogue to the level of ministers and a joint call to promote peace, security and stability in the Indo-Pacific signal a new determination in New Delhi and Canberra to deepen bilateral engagement and present a common front against a rising hegemon.

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