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Clean India – Waste Management Conclave
“Turning Waste into Socio-Economic Opportunities”

3rd July, 2015 – New Delhi

India’s rapid pace of urbanisation means Indian cities would have over 600 million residents generating the vast majority (70 per cent) of the country’s GDP by 2030. The Narendra Modi led government has ambitious plans to convert old cities into smart urban spaces and build new cities enabled by technology. Effective and efficient waste management is integral to that vision.

A well-structured and sustainable Waste Management system would be a catalyst for improved public health and reduce the burden on the public purse. An effective strategy will eventually also be a driver behind India emerging as a key player in the $1-trillion global circular economy, fuelling jobs and growth.

The government of India is set to announce the national Waste Management policy following the completion of a consultation process on 15 July 2015.

India Inc. is hosting an international conclave in New Delhi on 3 July 2015 with senior policy and decision makers from the public, private and other sectors in India and abroad to explore Waste Management in the Indian context and feed into the government’s consultation process.

The conclave aims to identify new opportunities that lie in the Waste Management space in India, and how opportunities can be utilised, strengthened and sustained through a thorough examination of the following questions:

• Why the need for effective waste management? The potential socio-economic impact.
• What is the roadmap for delivering effective waste management?
• How to finance sustainable waste management across urban & rural India?
• How does waste management relate to Clean India, Smart Cities & Clean Ganga initiatives?

There is no more time to waste if India is to come to grips with this crucial aspect of its development strategy and India Inc. will be among the partners that helps deliver the goal.

The Venue: 

The Lalit New Delhi
Barakhamba Avenue, 
Connaught Place, 
New Delhi – 110 001


3 July

*This is a draft agenda and subject to change


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Who will be speaking?

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