Decoding Budget 2020 for start-ups

2020-02-14T14:50:47+00:00February 14th, 2020|2020, UK Edition – 14 Feb-27 Feb 2020|

Start-ups featured as the stars of the Indian Budget tabled in early February, with several new announcements that address funding, tax reliefs, data centre creation, among others. Highlights: Budget 2020 has demonstrated India’s vision of being a leader in providing digital solutions by announcing measures which tackle the key pain points for the start-up community. The government is currently considering a policy to allow private companies to create data centre parks which will bring in investment, technological growth as well [...]

The time for action is now

2020-02-14T14:33:21+00:00February 14th, 2020|2020, North America Edition – 14 Feb-27 Feb 2020, UK Edition – 14 Feb-27 Feb 2020|

Looking forward to the COP26 in Glasgow towards the end of the year, the Lord Mayor of the City of London shares how the UK can be a natural partner for India in the green finance sector. Highlights: The Indian government’s sustainable agenda offers immense opportunities for investments in renewable energy and urban sustainability sectors. The City of London, being at the frontline of green finance and efforts to accurately price climate-related risks and opportunities can be a natural partner [...]

Jaishankar’s Tunisia trip is important for its timing

2020-02-17T14:53:54+00:00February 14th, 2020|2020, Home Page, North America Edition – 14 Feb-27 Feb 2020, UK Edition – 14 Feb-27 Feb 2020|

The Indian External Affairs Minister’s recent visit to Tunisia highlights India’s commitment to engaging with both larger and smaller economies of Africa alike. Highlights: In the last five years, Indian leaders have paid 29 visits to African countries to expand Indian presence and counter China’s dominance in the continent. Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar’s visit to Tunisia shows that India recognises the latter’s repeated support. India wants to present itself as a more empathetic soft power and an ally on whom [...]

Tunisia – A pool of talent in the Mediterranean

2020-02-17T14:54:37+00:00February 14th, 2020|2020, Home Page, North America Edition – 14 Feb-27 Feb 2020, UK Edition – 14 Feb-27 Feb 2020|

The African nation invites Indian investors to partake in its growth journey with a wide array of financial advantages and tax incentives. Highlights: Tunisia has signed 54 bilateral agreements for the promotion and protection of investments as part of its policy to promote and diversify trade. Tunisia reduced its income tax rate to 10 per cent for totally exporting companies, and total exemption from VAT and customs duties on inputs of products to be re-exported. The country also introduced the [...]

Illinois – Providing the environment for Indian companies to grow

2020-02-14T13:41:08+00:00February 14th, 2020|2020, North America Edition – 14 Feb-27 Feb 2020|

As one of the most economically diverse states in the US, Illinois offers a world-class business environment, several financial initiatives, tax credits and international business development support for companies looking to expand operations in the state. Highlights: Illinois ranks number one in agricultural biosciences, is the largest soybean producer in North America, and is nationally ranked in the top five for chemical manufacturing, food processing, and plastics manufacturing. The state’s ‘5 Year Economic Plan’ has created a roadmap for the [...]

Air corridors to help fulfill potential of India’s ties with Central Asia

2020-02-17T13:48:53+00:00February 14th, 2020|2020, UK Edition – 14 Feb-27 Feb 2020|

Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has said India is exploring air corridors between India and five ‘Stans’ of Central Asia to enhance and deepen economic engagement and facilitate trade in perishable goods such as food products and farm produce and position India as a medical tourism destination in the region. Highlights: Central Asia is crucial to India as a source of raw materials such as oil and gas as well as uranium. Bilateral trade, however, remains below potential due to [...]

Tata Motors bucks post-Brexit auto industry trend in UK

2020-02-14T13:42:20+00:00February 14th, 2020|2020, North America Edition – 14 Feb-27 Feb 2020, UK Edition – 14 Feb-27 Feb 2020|

The Tata Group owned Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) made a return to profit amid an overall gloomy outlook for the automotive sector following Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU). Highlights: Tata owned Jaguar Land Rover bucked an overall industry trend which saw UK car production drop by marking a 2.8 per cent rise year-on-year. JLR has attributed the turnaround to its Project Charge, which reduced operating costs by £154 million and delivered cost and cash flow improvements totalling £2.9 billion. [...]

The “Living Bridge” effect on UK-India ties

2020-02-17T13:07:54+00:00February 14th, 2020|2020, UK Edition – 14 Feb-27 Feb 2020|

A first-of-its-kind research into the Indian diaspora’s influence on UK-India relations throws up not only some solid tax and revenue data but also reflects upon the intangible inputs of this 1.5-million-strong resource. Highlights: ‘India in the UK: The Diaspora Effect’ attempts to measure the Indian diaspora’s multi-billion-pound contribution to the British economy. 654 diaspora-owned companies in the UK – excluding partnerships or sole traders – have combined revenues of £36.84 billion, employing over 174,000 people. As a result of the [...]

Trade, defence deals to be focus of Trump’s visit

2020-02-14T13:21:02+00:00February 14th, 2020|2020, North America Edition – 14 Feb-27 Feb 2020|

A limited trade deal worth about $10-12 billion between India and US is likely to be signed during President Trump’s visit to India. This will pave the way for an FTA between the countries and facilitate a closer strategic clinch that will provide the world a counter to the rise of China. Highlights: The US and India are likely to sign the much talked about limited trade deal between during Trump’s India visit. India’s defence purchases from the US forms [...]