UK Edition – 27 December 2019

///UK Edition – 27 December 2019

Year of drama and assertion

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2019 was a year of near non-stop drama, fast-moving action and events with far-reaching consequences. It was also a year in which powerful nations and their leaders asserted their right of action in different ways and in doing so, majorly disrupted the 'business as usual' status quo that the world has gotten used to. We look at some of the biggest developments of 2019 in this analysis. Trade war The year’s biggest economic news was undoubtedly the ongoing trade war [...]

A promising New Year for UK-India relations

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Editorial 2020 could be a jumpstart for UK-India ties with PM Boris Johnson hinting a new post-Brexit trade deal with India. As the year of two major elections – one in India in May and a snap poll in the UK in December –comes to a close, the vote is quite definitively in favour of stronger UK-India ties in the New Year. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was voted into power with a “stonking” mandate, has made repeated references to his commitment to strike a new post-Brexit trade deal with India and partner with the Indian Prime Minister, whom he fondly refers to as Narendrabhai, on [...]

My reflections on 2019: The glass is not always half empty

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In the pursuit of so-called ‘balance’, 2019 has seen far too many commentators straying towards the negative as their safest bet when explaining India’s growth story. The glass is not always half empty, argues India Inc. Founder & CEO, Manoj Ladwa. Over the past five years, I have written over 250 ‘Globally Speaking’ blogs, which are published online every Friday at and selected ones in the ‘India Global Business’ magazine. I am pleased to inform readers that in 2020, [...]

TechSagar – Showcasing India’s technology and cyber preparedness

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An expert explains how a new tech repository enables targeted search of India’s technology capabilities which will open gates for innovation and collaboration across industry and academia. Highlights: As India aspires to become a trillion-dollar digital economy, enhancing cyber security measures becomes a key national priority. Tech Sagar is a repository featuring 4000+ entities from Industry, Academia and Research, providing a country-level view of India’s cyber competencies. The initiative enables the Government to assess the country-level readiness on strategic technologies [...]

Rolling out an innovative recycling landscape

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An executive of a leading tyre manufacturing company suggests the embodiment of sustainability and stakeholder-centric models to future proof companies. Highlights: Innovative approaches to developing sustainable tyres are essential to really drive down emissions from the motor industry. Disused tyres pose a huge environmental challenge. The tyre industry has been looking at and experimenting with innovative use and recycling of old tyres for sustainability, including recycling old tyres. When over 3,000 business and political leaders convene in Davos next [...]

The UK’s relationship with India will continue to flourish

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A British Indian entrepreneur takes stock of the changes in UK’s economy over 2019 and what this means for its relationship with India. 2019 – what a year! Prime Minister Narendra Modi gets re-elected with an enhanced majority. Brexit remains unresolved and although India continues to grow at a pace enviable to any western country, its growth rate has slowed down. The UK, with all the continuing uncertainty regarding Brexit, continued to grow as an economy, albeit at a very [...]

Competing with robots: How online learning can help professionals win in the future

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The CEO of one of India’s largest online job and recruitment portal elaborates on how reskilling can help avoid slowdown. Highlights: The rise of artificial intelligence and data analytics has changed the dynamics of the jobs market. To remain relevant in today’s fast-evolving, tech-centric job market, employees upgrade their skills regularly. Offline skilling courses will no longer be able to accommodate the influx of job seekers looking to upskill themselves. Online channels offer a viable option for jobseekers looking to [...]