North America Edition – 13 December 2019

///North America Edition – 13 December 2019

Working towards a new standard for preparedness and response to natural disasters in India

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With the launch of EagleView Technologies’ R&D centre in Bengaluru, Rishi Daga, the company’s CEO, discusses their vision for India and elaborates on how their technology can help in disaster management, urban planning, property assessment, among others.

Working towards ‘A Better Life, A Better World’

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Education, vocational training, healthcare and environmental consciousness form the pillars of Panasonic’s CSR activities in India. Highlights: Panasonic’s “A Better Life, A Better World” CSR programme focuses on sustainable development of the society by working with the local community. The company runs various CSR projects focusing on building skills, enabling access to opportunities for learning and technological development and improving health services for the remote communities. The company also sponsors a scholarship called “Ratti Chhatr Scholarship’ programme to engineering students [...]

Indian hospitality comes to old Scotland Yard HQ

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Global Indian M.A. Yusuff Ali’s LuLu Group completed a £300-million investment in the UK with the opening of its new Great Scotland Yard Hotel in the heart of London, hailed as a sign of Britain’s attraction as a hub for global funds. Highlights: The Lulu Group, headed by Kerala-born entrepreneur M.A. Yusuff Ali, recently completed investments of £300-million in the UK with the launch of the new Great Scotland Yard Hotel. The launch came as good news for the UK’s [...]

All you wanted to know about India’s new Citizenship Amendment Bill

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Contrary to the raging headlines dominating media right now, the new Citizenship Amendment Bill passed by the Indian government is an asylum policy to accommodate persecuted minorities in neighbouring countries and is in no way a move to disenfranchise any other classes. It will be fair to say that India is not the flavour of the season in the western media. The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB) 2019, passed by the Indian Parliament, has received the worst, and mostly ill-informed and [...]

India-US defence and trade ties a concert of democracies

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As China continues to pose as a threat, India can find a strong ally in the United States. Highlights: “Dual use” items are a less discussed yet crucial element that underlines and propels closer ties between the US and India. Over the years Washington has responded to India strengthening its STC regulations by upgrading its ranking vis-à-vis US domestic STC laws, effectively bringing it on par with its NATO partners. Indo-US defence and trade ties will continue to grow, as [...]