India Investment Journal January 2017

///India Investment Journal January 2017

Top 5 Things to watch out for in 2017

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If last year was one marked by turbulence, this year is one that has begun with hope. Hope for the long-delayed and much needed Goods and Service Tax to become a reality – despite some last moment political opposition; hope for the bold demonetisation initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to start paying dividends, later this year, in terms of higher growth and lower levels of corruption; hope for lower interest rates that will restart the investment cycle and a [...]

Vibrant Gujarat Summit to pitch for investments across India

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The event, launched by Modi in 2003 to showcase his state, has emerged as India’s largest investment promotion meet. Many Indian intellectuals who see things only through the prism of their own ideology call Gujarat the laboratory of a divisive communal agenda, where ideas, policies and processes were honed and perfected and then rolled out across India. This is the view they hold and this is what they disseminate to the world at large. There is another more widely accepted [...]

Reforms will reflect in Ease of Doing Business ranking in 2017

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Ramesh Abhishek, Secretary, Department of Investment Policy and Promotion (DIPP), took time out of his punishing schedule to meet ‘India Investment Journal’ to speak about, among other things, how his department is easing rules and re-engineering government processes to make India an easier place to do business in. India’s rank has improved just one place to 130th in this year’s World Bank Ease of Doing Business Index. Why? Reforms on ease of doing business are underway on 10 parameters. Unfortunately, [...]

The Next Gen at work in Gujarat

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As Gujarat races ahead in its growth story, there is a strong crop of young professionals and entrepreneurs propelling this journey. ‘India Investment Journal’ profiles three such next-generation high-achievers here. Munjal M. Jaykrishna Munjal is Joint Managing Director, AksharChem (India) Ltd, a manufacturer of Dye Intermediates (Vinyl Sulphone) and Pigments (CPC Green). Apart from being the largest exporter of Vinyl Sulphone in India with over 45 per cent share in exports, AksharChem also claims dominance in the export of CPC [...]

The promise called India

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India crossed the $300 billion mark at a time when the global economic slowdown has had a dampening impact. This speaks volumes of the opportunity India as an investment destination has to offer and how timely market reforms are creating a positive ecosystem for the international investor. The government of India has taken up a series of measures to improve Ease of Doing Business in the country. The emphasis has been on simplification and rationalisation of the existing rules and [...]

End of a watershed year

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What looked like an optimistic start to the year with leasing activity picking up in the commercial segment was not to be, writes India Inc. property expert. If 2015 was a roller coaster, 2016 was definitely a steep downhill for the real estate sector. With the passing of the Real Estate Regulation Bill, residential buyers hammered away at residential developers with judges passing landmark judgments against developers for delayed delivery. If this did not have the developers scurrying for cover, [...]

Crude prices and US rate are the X factors

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RBI Governor Urjit Patel may be able to cut rates but only later this year. We take a look at what this would mean for the Indian economy. When will Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Urjit Patel cut interest rates? Speak to analyst, economist or businessman; that will be among his top two or three concerns. The background The central bank dashed hopes for a rate cut in December when the six-member Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), which sets rates, [...]

Can demonetisation deliver votes?

2019-01-02T12:30:40+00:00January 9th, 2017|2018/2017, Final Word, India Investment Journal January 2017, Year|

Good economics has given rich political returns over the last decade. Will the trend hold in 2017? In India, conventional wisdom had it, for decades, that good economics makes for bad politics. Some politicians still think caste, religion and populism are more important factors than economic growth. It is probably this line of thinking that has prompted politicians of all hues – from Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi to West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee to Uttar Pradesh chief ministerial aspirant [...]

Goods and Services Tax: Impact on Indian economy

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A tax expert analyses what GST would mean for the Indian economy. The India structure, like in any other country, has developed in response to many influences – social, political and economic. These ranged from divided powers between the Centre and states to levy different taxes, distinction between goods and services, tax cascading and arbitrage on rates. Foreign investment decisions and the expected rate of return from projects often suffered due to these distortions. The proposed Goods and Services tax [...]

A natural tech partnership for the New Year

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A new report tracks the opportunities for future technology collaborations between India and the UK to strengthen links in the areas of Smart Cities, Digital Healthcare and Advanced Manufacturing. Today 30 per cent of India’s population resides in urban centres, with these centres contributing around 65 per cent of India’s GDP. It is projected that urban India will contribute about 75 per cent of the national GDP in the next 15-20 years, while the number of people residing in urban [...]