Yearender- December 2018

///Yearender- December 2018

A window of opportunity for India-LAC ties

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A region expert lays out the potential for India’s relations with Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries against the backdrop of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires last month. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a rare visit to the South American continent – for only the second time since taking office, out of a total of more than 90 international visits. Just like the last time he visited the continent (for the 2014 BRICS Summit in Brazil), Modi made [...]

Solar assets should be sustainable, replicable, bankable

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Nandita Sahgal Tully, MD Merchant Banking at ThomasLloyd, talks ‘India Global Business’ through the company’s recent investment in Indian solar energy company SolarArise, the wider impact on the renewables sector and the growing influence of impact-based investments. What are the objectives behind Thomas Lloyd’s investment in SolarArise? ThomasLloyd’s philosophy is to invest where its money makes a difference. This is very similar to the philosophy of the management team of SolarArise of building high quality solar assets leading to long-term value [...]

UK-India Week 2019: On course for an even bigger, brighter and better chapter

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The UK-India Week is an annual landmark event organised by India Inc. to foster stronger strategic, economic and cultural ties between the UK and India. The Week consists of a series of high-impact events packed with incisive content, thought-provoking panel discussions involving influential speakers, and networking opportunities. In 2018, the Week launched with a special reception at the Taj Hotel in London and featured keynote addresses by Dr Liam Fox, UK Secretary of State for International Trade; Matt Hancock, then [...]

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: The world is India’s family

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The year 2018 will go down in history as a seminal year in India’s foreign policy establishment. The Modi government’s proactive engagement with the UK, the US, the EU, China, the Middle East and Africa have brought India to the centre-stage of global diplomacy and will shape the contours of India’s progress in the years ahead. The Narendra Modi government, which came to power in 2014, has brought about a paradigm shift in India’s foreign policy. The diffident, almost reactive [...]

India is now at the forefront in the world in many frontiers

2018-12-24T07:41:15+00:00December 16th, 2018|2017/2018, Yearender- December 2018|

Amitabh Kant, as the dynamic CEO of the National Institution for Transforming India – NITI Aayog, is charged with formulating some the country’s most innovative growth ideas. In this Yearend interview with ‘India Global Business’, he looks back at India’s achievements such as acquiring the world’s largest biometric programme and looks ahead to some transformative changes in store, especially for small and medium enterprises. What is the expected impact of PM Modi’s recent announcements to help MSMEs? A major step [...]

Indian aerospace and defence can be at ease in Quebec

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Aasheesh Chudasama is the Mumbai-based Director of the India office of Investissement Quebec. In this interview with ‘India Global Business’, he lays out the investment appeal of Canada and Quebec for Indian businesses. What is role played by Invest Quebec in India? Investissement Québec is the go-to partner for international businesses thinking of locating to Québec. Our team of experts provides the full range of services you need to set up in Québec and make your venture a long-term success. [...]

India hits the top spot in South Asia for ease of doing business

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India has made considerable strides on the ease of ‘Doing Business’ with a strong reform agenda, writes the World Bank expert behind the rankings. The last four years have seen India make tremendous strides on the ease of doing business, as measured by the World Bank Group’s ‘Doing Business’ report. India has climbed to a global rank of 77, out of 190, in the latest report and was also recognised as a top improver for a second consecutive year, a [...]