The UK as a location of choice for high net worth Indian individuals

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‘New World Wealth’ recently reported that 7,000 ultra-rich Indians moved overseas to various locations in 2017, including the UK.  A financial expert analyses the tax scenario in the country to weigh up its attractions. The focus of this report is on the tax regime in the UK and why this may be attractive to individuals domiciled in India or elsewhere. The UK offers many other social and economic benefits and tax is unlikely to be the only factor influencing the [...]

Cementing UK-India ties within the legal sector

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The co-chair of the India-UK Legal Exchange Programme lays out the benefits of closer ties in the sector. “Lawyers are the cement of society” are the famous words attributed to the world-renowned Cambridge scholar Glanville Williams QC. Following the referendum in favour of the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU), it is safe to say divisions and cracks have formed within British society which could do with being cemented. Whilst the battle of Brexit between “camp leave” and “camp [...]

Social financing will revolutionise philanthropy in South Asia

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New approaches to charitable giving, such as innovative finance and impact bonds, are crucial to achieve impact at scale in countries like India. South Asia is home to 20 per cent of the world’s population. It is also home to 33 per cent of the world’s poor who live on less than $2 a day (World Bank 2016).  Some of the major challenges facing South Asia remain persistent: poverty, illiteracy, youth unemployment, gender inequality, trafficking, child labour and mental illness. To tackle this widespread poverty [...]

Indian firms on an investment spree

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From oil and gas to FMCG, Indian companies made their mark around the world in recent weeks. India gets stake in Abu Dhabi oil Indian companies agreed to pay $600 million for a stake in one of Abu Dhabi’s biggest offshore oil concessions, securing a share in the emirate’s crude production for the first time. State-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp and two other Indian companies will take a 10 per cent share of the concession to pump crude from [...]