Special Edition – May 2017

///Special Edition – May 2017

Tips for a stress-free passage from India to the UK

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The Europe chief of the world's largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for diplomatic missions worldwide gives his insight on the India-UK travel landscape. As we celebrate 2017 as the UK-India Year of Culture alongside the 70th anniversary of Indian independence, travel between the UK and India is thriving like never before. Britain is the largest G20 investor in India – with a total inflow of $23.12 billion, while India invests more in the UK than it does in the [...]

UK & India: Where are we heading?

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Our cover story this time is aptly titled 'Yeh Dosti'. Indian readers will be familiar with the eponymous song from the iconic Bollywood blockbuster 'Sholay', which, even 42 years after its release, remains synonymous with undying friendship and renewal of relationships. To dwell a little further on the renewal analogy, here in the UK, we have the custom of spring cleaning, where in anticipation of sunny times, and coming out of the winter months, we clear out the clutter and put our house in order. The [...]

India is the most open, Least protectionist economy today

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India’s Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs, Arun Jaitley, just completed a packed tour of the UK during which Prime Minister Theresa May dropped in to a Downing Street meeting with his British counterpart, Chancellor Philip Hammond. ‘India Investment Journal’ caught up with the senior Indian Cabinet minister in London to explore his message for foreign investors, a possible free trade agreement (FTA) with post-Brexit Britain and the next phase of his dramatic reform agenda for the Indian economy.

Indian companies propel Brexit-bound UK

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As many as 800 Indian companies in the UK generated £47.5 billion in combined revenues in 2016 and contributed significantly to Brexit-bound UK’s economic growth outlook, a new report reveals. The ‘India meets Britain Tracker 2017’, released annually by professional services major Grant Thornton in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), has found that Indian companies employ around 110,000 employees in the UK and last year had a combined capital expenditure of £4.25 billion. Anuj Chande, Head of [...]

New road for India-UK ties

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‘Winning Partnership’ edited by Manoj Ladwa, takes a fresh 360 degree look at a 400-year-old relationship and comes up with several interesting suggestions for keeping it relevant in the 21st century. What can you say after everything has already been said? Not much, right? Wrong. With so much literature on UK’s relationship with the former jewel in its crown, it takes a very intrepid intellectual to gather all his bravery to attempt to shed new light on the subject. But [...]