June 2017

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Four countries in six days: Prime Minister Modi makes a European connect

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The Indian Prime Minister was on a packed tour of Germany, Spain, Russia and France in May/June and has returned with a slew of agreements and promising pacts for the future. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Berlin at the start of his European tour, the term used to describe the visit was the opening of a “new chapter” in the bilateral relations between India and Germany. The PM set off for his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at her [...]

India-Israel: Close allies in keeping peace and order

2018-05-31T06:16:31+00:00June 16th, 2017|2017/2018, Cover Story, June 2017, Year|

Politically and strategically, Israel is India’s most trusted ally in West Asia, writes a political senior columnist. Twenty-five years ago, in 1992, India and Israel formally established full diplomatic relations and exchanged ambassadors. In 2003, Ariel Sharon, Israel’s prime minister at the time, travelled to India, becoming the first head of government from Tel Aviv to do so. This month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will become the first Indian prime minister to visit Israel. This will be a historic moment [...]

The UK election results don’t portend a doomsday scenario

2018-06-08T09:58:10+00:00June 16th, 2017|2017/2018, India-UK, June 2017, Year|

When politicians misjudge the public mood and gamble, the end result can be politically catastrophic. In that sense, the UK election results are nothing short of a political earthquake – the second one to hit the UK in 10 months. Just as David Cameron had misread the public mood in Britain when he called for the Brexit vote, Theresa May’s decision to go back to the people a full three years before her term as Her Majesty’s First Minister was [...]

Link West showing early signs of success

2018-08-02T10:19:48+00:00June 16th, 2017|2017/2018, Emerging Markets, June 2017, Year|

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policy of renewing and redefining India’s millennia-old civilisational bonds with the Middle East are bearing concrete fruit in the form of strategic alliances and investments in India’s infrastructure sector. Mention the Middle East to an Indian and he will immediately associate it with oil, deserts, Dubai and, very possibly, a non-resident relative stationed there. None of the above provides a misleading picture of the region; equally, none of them paints the complete picture either. Today, the [...]

Can corporate governance be measured?

2020-09-21T08:54:33+00:00June 16th, 2017|2017/2018, June 2017, Other Highlights, Year|

A leading consultant in the field delves into India’s move towards embracing good corporate governance. Good corporate governance is becoming a priority across the world. An OECD report to G20 finance ministers and central bank governors in 2015 begins as follows: “Good corporate governance is not an end in itself. It is a means to create market confidence and business integrity, which in turn is essential for companies that need access to equity capital for long-term investment.” Experts across the [...]