Special Edition – November 2016

///Special Edition - November 2016

EU-India Summit 2016: A new momentum

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EU-India Agenda for Action 2020: Both sides endorsed the agenda to create a concrete road-map for the EU-India Strategic Partnership for the next five years. EU-India Broad-based Trade and Investment Agreement (BTIA): Both sides agreed to further the negotiations on an early conclusion of the BTIA. Terrorism: Both sides adopted a Joint Declaration on Counter-terrorism to step up cooperation to counter radicalisation and violent extremism. G20 Skills Strategy: Both sides reaffirmed their commitment to implement the G20 Skills Strategy and [...]

Negotiating Brussels

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A public affairs expert based out of Brussels looks into how Brexit would change Europe and the way Indian corporates do business in the region for ‘India Global Business’. It’s a popular perception that the UK’s exit from the EU will lead to a more protectionist and inward-looking Europe. It’s true that the UK has championed the single market and the better regulation agenda to ensure that harmonisation comes with a minimum of red tape; however, that liberalising instinct has [...]

Indians have an in-built entrepreneurial spirit

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Ravi Mehrotra is a well-known Indian shipping magnate who has built a strong diversified empire from scratch in the Foresight group. He may have been based around the world over the years, from Iran to Europe, but has refused to part with his Indian passport to ensure his every achievement is counted as an Indian success story. ‘India Global Business’ takes a trip down memory lane with this self-made Global Indian. How would you describe Foresight Group's genesis and key milestones?  [...]

Let cleanliness prevail in the backyard of our Swaraj

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The Adani Group has interests across agriculture, logistics and energy around the world. The Ahmedabad-headquartered conglomerate filters through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) with an environmentally friendly approach through the Adani Foundation. As I pen down this piece, it evokes me to tread a little back to the 1990s when the writings of Mahatma Gandhi on cleanliness, health and hygiene, were reproduced and hugely circulated post the unfortunate outbreak of plague in Surat, Gujarat. Only for the reason that we were all sensitised and motivated so much on maintaining sanitation and hygiene, Surat was transformed to become one of the cleanest cities of the nation. And, it continues to be so till date.

Taking off, All On Board?

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At a time when the passage of India’s tranformational Goods and Services Tax (GST) is promising to turn all of the country into a common market of $2.2 trillion from April next year, the turmoil in Europe over Brexit offers India scope for closer economic, political and strategic ties with the European Union (EU), the world's largest common market with a combined GDP of $18 trillion. The EU is India's largest trading partner, clocking $126 billion in bilateral trade. There [...]

In Europe, digital disruption comes in many forms

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Amit Bajaj is Chief Executive – Europe for Tata Consultancy Services, one of India’s leading software services firms. In this ‘India Global Business’ exclusive, he traces the Mumbai-headquartered IT giant’s 40-year footprint across Europe, what the region has to offer the Indian IT sector and the inevitable impact of Brexit. How important is Europe to TCS? We have been present in Europe for last 40 years and expanded our operations to over 21 countries. We work with 350 clients, including [...]

Do we even need an India-EU FTA?

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An Indian industrialist delves into where the European Union stands in its dealings with India and how future ties will shape up as the economic bloc undergoes a major structural change following Brexit. The referendum which took place in Britain on June 23 this year led to an outcome which resulted in economic uncertainty and a political tsunami in the country. A political party which had won such a big mandate would face a leadership change in such a short [...]

Indian firms are doing well in Europe

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Luisa Santos is Director for International Relations at BusinessEurope, a leading Europe-wide business facilitation group. Here she talks ‘India Global Business’ through some of the ups and downs of the India-EU relations over the years and what lies in store for the future. How important is India to the EU? The EU is India's number one trading partner (13 per cent of India's overall trade with the world in 2014-15) while India is the EU’s ninth trading partner. This clearly [...]

India-EU relations in a New World economy

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Frugal innovation and new business models for inclusive growth hold the key for a new India-Europe collaboration, argues an expert on Indo-Europe ties. We do not suspect how the global economy has taken a new turn after the great crisis of 2009. Not to redefine the relations between India and Europe in the new global economy in the making is to condemn both partners to misunderstandings and gradually a turn-back. This is true for instance with the obsession of completing [...]

The business impact of India in the EU

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It is of utmost importance that the views of the business and policy communities from both sides are represented in a constructive negotiation process.  The EU-India Trade and Investment Agreement is still under negotiation. After the EU-India Summit in March 2016, some steps have been taken from both sides to improve the collaboration but still a lot needs to be done to reach a successful conclusion of the deal. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched more than thirty schemes [...]