October 2016

///October 2016

The big democrat vs republican divide

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It has been described as the most divisive elections in history and the Indian-origin politicians on either side of the Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump divide are no exception. Reflecting much of the US Elections 2016 trends, a number of the Trump supporters seem to be rather muted while Clinton has a more gung-ho team. ‘India Global Business’ hand-picks some of the prominent players.

Indian pharma firm acquires UK’s Actavis to beat Brexit gloom

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Beats Mylan, Novartis, Torrent, Aurobindo to the post. Promoter says hungry for more

Almost inarguably, October 5th 2016, a Wednesday was the biggest day in the life of 53 year old Binish Hasmukh Chudgar, the highly low profile vice chairman of Ahmedabad based Intas Pharmaceuticals. That day in central London, Intas snapped up Israeli generic drug maker Teva’s assets in UK and Ireland—Actavis UK Ltd and Actavis Ireland Ltd—in a record $ 764 million deal (Rs 5083 crore) out muscling bigger global rivals like Mylan and Novartis or domestic competition like Aurobindo pharma and Torrent Pharmaceuticals in a bidding process that lasted over 6 months.

Hillary will be (just) a safer bet for India

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So Donald Trump “is a big fan of India and a big fan of Hindu (sic)”; is he? At a gathering of about 5,000 American Indians at New Jersey’s Raritan Center, addressing what was probably the first country-specific ethno-religious rally by a US presidential hopeful, the Republican candidate promised a “phenomenal future” for Indo-US ties and said that under a “Trump administration”, the two countries “are going to be best friends”.

This is the first time that Trump has spoken about his vision for the country's relationship with India and has tried to tick all the right boxes. But American Indians remain wary of him, given his earlier protectionist rants, which, if taken...

Riding on an entirely Indian solar solution

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Naveen Rabelli recently completed a unique 10,000-km journey from India to the UK in a fully solar-powered auto-rickshaw. His mission was simple: To show the world what Indian jugaad or frugal innovation can achieve in the world of renewables.

Brexit a huge opportunity for new India-UK deal

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Shailesh Vara MP was elected to the British Parliament in 2005 and has held a number of senior positions, including former justice minister and former work and pensions minister. Prime Minister Theresa May recently appointed him co-chairman of Conservative Friends of India (CFI) alongside Ranjit Singh Baxi. ‘India Global Business’ caught up with him to discuss his priorities in a new post-Brexit scenario.

Post-Brexit UK has much to gain from Indian job creation

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‘India Global Business’ reviews India’s growing investment interests in the UK as the second-largest job creator for the country. Official UK government statistics for 2015-2016 reveal India’s firm hold among the top three source markets for foreign direct investment (FDI) into the UK.

With the shadow of Brexit hanging over India-UK ties, the latest figures for Indian investment into Britain paint a fairly promising foundation for the UK to build on. As the country negotiates its terms of exit from the European Union (EU) and seeks to strike out stronger partnerships with other economies, there are clear reasons...

CLMV offers India Inc fantastic opportunities

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Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, a sub-bloc within ASEAN, are all former socialist economies transitioning to the market. India can help this process and increase its economic and strategic footprint across South East Asia.

The acronym CLMV would have elicited blank or quizzical looks at most gatherings even a few years ago. It is still not the stuff of regular cocktail circuit chatter, but many more people now know that it stands for Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.
Many will also know that these countries, all part of the ASEAN, also make up a sub-group that is of particular economic and strategic interest to India.

Indian IT: Glorious Past, challenging present and an uncertain future?

2018-09-27T13:30:55+00:00October 18th, 2016|2016, October 2016, Sector Focus, Year|

The Indian IT sector must reskill its workforce and move up the value chain if it wants to retain its dominant position in the world as well as its double digit growth rates.

On July 15, 2016 a sombre looking Vishal Sikka, the CEO and MD of Infosys Ltd, India’s second largest exporter of IT services announced the company’s first quarterly results. While revenue and profit were below market expectations, what surprised many was the downward revision of annual revenue growth forecast. Markets were swift to mete out punishment. The shares of the company crashed by about 10 per cent in a single trading session, wiping out nearly $3.5 billion in market capitalisation.

Who will be better for India – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

2018-09-27T13:40:19+00:00October 18th, 2016|2016, Last Word, October 2016, Year|

If one goes by the views of the expat Indian community in the US, it’s a settled debate. A recent survey says an overwhelming 87 per cent of Indian Americans support Clinton, while a minuscule 6 per cent back Trump.

But a more detailed analysis of where they stand on issues of importance to India shows that the issue may not be as simple as that.