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Are Indian exports finally on turnaround mode?

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Falling oil prices hit the worldwide economy hard and Indian exports were no exception. But a turnaround seems to be in sight though at a very gradual pace. Indian exports declined for the 15th month in a row in February but the single digit fall – of 5.66 per cent compared to a 13.5 per cent fall in January and a 15.02 per cent contraction in February last year – has raised hopes in some quarters that a turnaround may be [...]

Can Pharma remain the poster child for Make In India?

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There has been no better ambassador than the Indian pharmaceutical industry for the country, be it economically, diplomatically or being the poster child for Make In India. India Inc. explores the sector’s success as an exporter. Indian exports by numbers As shown in the preceding table, India is by far the largest producer and exporter of branded generic drugs and accounts for 20 per cent of the global market by volume. In pure economic terms, pharmaceutical exports have been a [...]

Crafting India’s global footprint in earthy tones

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India has come a long way from the time when it was tagged as an economically challenged country with low quality products. Today with a steadily growing population, India still remains a big consumption story that’s attracting multinationals and luxury brands to expand their presence here. On the other hand, some Indian brands are making their presence felt globally and busy expanding their footprints. And, with the Make In India campaign, various sectors have already received an impetus and commitments [...]