Driving into Africa with an innovative answer to the ride hailing model

2019-06-12T11:22:48+00:00June 12th, 2019|2019, Global Edition – June 2019|

Karanvir Singh is the CEO of Yego Moto. In this interview with ‘India Global Business’, the serial entrepreneur gives insight into the firm’s work in Africa, their plans for India and his holistic approach to business models. What sets Yego Moto apart in the ride-hailing market? Yegomoto was launched in Rwanda in 2017 as a pilot for other African nations to organise their taxi industries - a marketplace which is still mostly informal and unregulated across the continent. There are [...]

Trump’s Rambo diplomacy is unnecessary

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In taking aim at India on trade, the US President is unnecessarily risking putting the hard-worked-on relationship into troubled waters, writes India Inc. Founder & CEO Manoj Ladwa. This is a circle that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have to square early in his second term in office – how to deal with a US administration that has sought to decouple the strategic and economic relationship with India, as it has done with many of America’s allies. The denial of preferential export facilities from India to the [...]

Sweden invites Indian investments

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Being one of the most competitive economies in the world, the Scandinavian nation, offers Indian firms access to an innovation ecosystem unlike no other. Sweden is one of the world’s most innovative countries and is home to the third highest unicorns per capita, globally. This is not surprising if we stop to think that Sweden spends over 3 per cent of its GDP on supporting research and development and has a robust system of integrated innovation ecosystem by bringing research [...]

Kerala joins the global Masala Bond drive

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The Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) became the latest Indian entity to reach out to the international markets for its fundraising needs. The Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board’s (KIIFB) celebrated its debut Masala Bond listing on the London Stock Exchange with a special market open ceremony recently. KIIFB is the first sub-sovereign entity in India to tap the offshore Rupee international bond market with the $312 million equivalent senior secured fixed-rate bond and is aimed at accessing capital from international investors for the southern state’s infrastructure development. “KIIFB strives [...]

Companies have to think Glocal

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Narendra Goliya, founder and Managing Director of Rishabh Instruments, highlights the various factors businesses must keep in mind before contemplating global expansion and shares the secret behind Rishabh’s successful acquisition of Poland-based LUMEL. What lies at the core of Rishabh and Lumel that makes it ripe for global markets? Rishabh and Lumel are both high technology companies which operate in the Industrial sector. One is in Electrical and Electronics Measuring Instruments and the other is in Aluminium Pressure Die Castings. [...]

Healthy women are the core of strong communities

2019-06-12T10:06:09+00:00June 12th, 2019|2019, Global Edition – June 2019|

A social entrepreneur and educationist outlines the numerous social and collaborative initiatives carried out by the Max India Foundation to break social taboos and create awareness. Every eight minutes, one Indian woman succumbs to a painful death because of cervical cancer, estimates a study by the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research. Other studies paint a grimmer picture highlighting that more than 453 million Indian females — aged 15 years and above —are at risk of developing Cervical Cancer [...]

Ireland is the ideal gateway for companies looking to expand in EU

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With the ongoing uncertainties surrounding Brexit, Indian companies are turning to Ireland to service their EU clients. Over the past 70 years, IDA Ireland has evolved to become a global force in attracting FDI to Ireland. It is among the world’s leading FDI agencies. Over 1,450 MNCs, supported by IDA Ireland, have invested in Ireland to service their European clients. Indian companies have been late in discovering the advantages and opportunities that Ireland offers, but now that they have, we [...]

Original storytelling is key in this day and age

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India is slowly becoming one of leading animation and content producing countries in the world. In this interview with ‘India Global Business’, P. Jayakumar, CEO, Toonz Media Group, discusses content creation, India’s position in the digital media arena as well as the company’s global vision. What are the driving factors behind the European acquisitions and other global inroads? Over the past years, Toonz has increased its global footprint, expanding its presence around the world through co-production and licensing partnerships, setting [...]

Promising trends in the Indian healthcare market

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A life science entrepreneur predicts the five key areas in the Indian healthcare space that promise great opportunities over the coming years. Is India leading the wave of innovation in the global healthcare market or catching-up? Take a wild guess. Both. In India’s mission of local excellence but global alignment, what are the promising trends for the next decade? Let’s take a look: Electronic Health Records Electronic health records are the foundation of the upcoming global data revolution. They not [...]

India stands to gain from a full-blown US-China trade war

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The recent back and forth of tariff hikes between the US and China are causing quite a stir in the global economy. However, in the long run, this tussle could result in several advantageous opportunities for India. When the world’s two largest economies—US and China—that between them account for roughly 40 per cent of world’s overall economic output, go for a full-blown trade war with each other, the impact is felt in every nook and corner of this planet. At [...]