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UK bets on India’s renewables potential

2020-06-01T14:59:24+00:00May 11th, 2020|The Big Story, The Big Story UK - India Global Business|

UK-based Faradion’s plans to set up a manufacturing base for its sodium-ion batteries for electric mobility, energy storage and mobile applications marks a major win for Make in India. Highlights: UK’s Faradion recently announced plans for an initial 1GW capacity sodium-ion manufacturing base in India. The UK has since become a key green finance partner for India’s renewables mission, including a partner country on a series of India-led initiatives like the ISA. India and the UK also committed £240 million of anchor capital in the Green Growth Equity Fund. There is a decisive shift in [...]

UK-India ties soar in times in crisis

2020-05-11T06:22:06+00:00April 24th, 2020|2020, Home Page, The Big Story, The Big Story UK - India Global Business, UK Edition – 24 April-07 May 2020|

From charter flights for stranded Britons to be repatriated to a crucial consignment of paracetamol, the pandemic has proved that the UK-India relationship remains strong. Highlights: India extended a helping hand to the UK by exporting a consignment of 2,800,000 packets of paracetamol. A total of 38 charter flights have been laid out to repatriate an estimated 5,000 British residents stranded in India. The FCO has announced a series of measures including an extension to any expiring visas until the [...]

UK, India corporates join COVID-19 fightback

2020-05-11T06:21:28+00:00April 10th, 2020|2020, The Big Story, The Big Story UK - India Global Business, UK Edition – 10 April-23 April 2020|

Companies around the world have been forced to look beyond their conventional production lines and expertise to join the war against an invisible common enemy. Highlights: The idea that long-term shareholder returns can increase if society is better served has never seemed more relevant than right now. Indian companies like Mylab and the Mahindra group are at the forefront of the battle to fight COVID-19, with several British corporations such as Dyson, JLR and F1 teams joining in. Smaller breweries [...]

Rishi Sunak tries to harness the COVID-19 disruption

2020-05-11T06:20:30+00:00March 26th, 2020|2020, Home Page, The Big Story, The Big Story UK - India Global Business, UK Edition – 27 March-09 April 2020|

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer had to unveil two mini-budgets in addition to his maiden budget within a gap of days to address the Covid-19 pandemic. Highlights: Rishi Sunak unveiled a £30-billion worth of funds to help businesses cope with the disruption caused by the coronavirus crisis. The government has also laid out plans to cover 80 per cent of the wages of those unable to work. Other measures include easier to access loan facilities, liquidity assistance for businesses and [...]

A voice that matters in the Commonwealth

2020-05-11T06:20:40+00:00March 13th, 2020|2020, The Big Story, The Big Story UK - India Global Business, UK Edition – 13 March-26 March 2020|

Against the backdrop of Commonwealth Day 2020, India’s considerable heft within the 54-member organisation has never been more pronounced. Highlights: India’s proactive role within the Commonwealth has been gaining ground even as the UK, New Zealand and Australia seem to be pulling in the other direction. PM Modi has increased India’s annual contribution to the CFTC and the Commonwealth Small States Offices to increase funds for developing small island states. Another area where India is making an impact is in [...]

UK gets down to the business of visas

2020-05-11T06:20:19+00:00March 2nd, 2020|2020, Home Page, The Big Story, The Big Story UK - India Global Business, UK Edition – 28 Feb-12 March 2020|

The new points-based system for professionals and students is the biggest shakeup of the UK’s immigration policy in decades, which comes with a level playing field promise that should address India’s concerns around fair access – for its market and its people. Highlights: Free movement of people has been an area of focus for the UK especially when it comes to partners like India and the EU. Post the UK’s exit from EU, Home Secretary Priti Patel introduced a new [...]

The “Living Bridge” effect on UK-India ties

2020-05-11T06:19:19+00:00February 14th, 2020|2020, The Big Story, The Big Story UK - India Global Business, UK Edition – 14 Feb-27 Feb 2020|

A first-of-its-kind research into the Indian diaspora’s influence on UK-India relations throws up not only some solid tax and revenue data but also reflects upon the intangible inputs of this 1.5-million-strong resource. Highlights: ‘India in the UK: The Diaspora Effect’ attempts to measure the Indian diaspora’s multi-billion-pound contribution to the British economy. 654 diaspora-owned companies in the UK – excluding partnerships or sole traders – have combined revenues of £36.84 billion, employing over 174,000 people. As a result of the [...]

UK-India partnership could do with a health check

2020-05-11T05:49:44+00:00January 31st, 2020|2020, Home Page, The Big Story, The Big Story UK - India Global Business, UK Edition – 31 Jan-13 Feb 2020|

Healthcare has often been described as an important aspect of the UK-India partnership, with the vision of Modicare finding a natural connect with the UK’s state-funded National Health Service (NHS). As the UK opens up this sector with a new NHS Visa and an ambitious healthtech drive, it is time to renew and review this bond fit for a post-Brexit world. Highlights: Over 5,000 diagnostic centres in India are being planned using NHS expertise, equipment and suppliers as part of [...]

The decade of aspiration, acceleration and assertion

2020-05-11T06:18:42+00:00January 10th, 2020|2020, Home Page, North America Edition – 10 January 2020, The Big Story, The Big Story North America - India Global Business, The Big Story UK - India Global Business, UK Edition – 10 January 2020|

The 2020s promise to be a decade with a difference. For one, many incipient trends – from a rise in aspirations to an acceleration in development to greater assertion of national identities – will come into their own over the next few years. Then, rising education levels and breakthroughs in science, technology and medicine will likely make this the most egalitarian decade in the history of mankind. Highlights: 2020 marks a decade of aspirations – of the billions of newly [...]