Dance therapy for one and all in lockdown

2020-06-01T08:05:39+00:00June 1st, 2020|iCommunity, iGLOBAL|

The Founder of the Mahananda Dance Initiative, Priyanka Chauhan, is a passionate community facilitator on a mission to bring the benefits of dance to the most vulnerable members of our society. From domestic violence shelters to nursing homes, cancer support groups, autistic schools and dementia day centres, Priyanka’s work with national charities and community organisations has thankfully continued into lockdown. Greatest bliss During her time studying Psychology at University College London (UCL), Priyanka’s curiosity for the art form led her [...]

Celebrity Chef Dipna Anand delves into her new normal

2020-05-28T12:14:53+00:00May 28th, 2020|iCommunity, iGLOBAL|

Reena Ranger, Chair of Women Empowered, kick-starts an incisive regular series for iGlobal to explore some inspirational facets from the life and achievements of prominent Global Indians. Dipna Anand is a celebrity chef who co-owns Southall’s famous Brilliant Restaurant in London. Here she is  In Conversation with Reena Ranger as she opens up about what inspires her, getting used to a new normal and cooking through the lockdown. Who has been your role model and had a profound impact on you? My [...]

A virtual Manch for art and artists in lockdown

2020-05-21T07:44:37+00:00May 21st, 2020|iCommunity, iGLOBAL|

A sector which usually thrives on in-person connections has quickly adapted to digitally connect the artist and audiences from one screen to another. A new virtual platform “Manch UK” has emerged from the pandemic, with the desire to bring artists together and share their creative journeys. Since April, global audiences are following "Meet the Artist" daily sessions presented by UK’s leading South Asian dance artists on Manch UK’s "virtual stage”. The paramount purpose of Manch UK is to connect people [...]

As a birdwatcher, coronavirus has turned the tables

2020-05-20T10:30:22+00:00May 20th, 2020|iCommunity, iGLOBAL|

‘Creativity in Crisis’ is an anthology of short stories capturing the authentic experiences of 26 British Indian key workers, parents and educators through the coronavirus lockdown. Here is the third in a series from an avid birdwatcher. “Are the birds watching me or am I watching them?” I ponder, with a cup of chai leaning against my double-glazed door leading out to the garden. I catch a glance of a blue tit, feeding on the fat balls. I stand staring [...]

Sikhs in the NHS – Challenges and successes

2020-05-20T05:28:23+00:00May 19th, 2020|iCommunity, iGLOBAL|

I love the NHS – who doesn’t? It is the envy of the world. For an annual cost of £140 billion (9 per cent of GDP), the public are guaranteed a free comprehensive healthcare system. It is an undoubted success story. As the largest employer in the UK, with about 1.5 million employees, 19.7 per cent are from a black and minority ethnic background. London has the highest proportion of ethnic minority National Health Service (NHS) staff at 43 per [...]

On the Covid-19 front: Gown on, Mask on, Gloves on

2020-05-20T06:05:37+00:00May 18th, 2020|iCommunity, iGLOBAL|

‘Creativity in Crisis’ is an anthology of short stories capturing the authentic experiences of 26 British Indian key workers, parents and educators. Here is the first in a series from the frontlines of a hospital ward dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Ready for battle, I begin my ward round. My heart sinks. Another fatality. I call her name. No response. I shake her shoulders. No response. My instinct is to put out a cardiac arrest call, but I cannot. The [...]